Tips to keeping warm this winter

Tips to keeping warm this winter


Winter has arrived and with it the cold, lucky for you we've dedicated this very special edition of Linen Club to warming your home (and your heart), with a carefully curated range of products and tips to keep you nice and cozy.




This month's edition starts with our favourite way to layer up - faux fur.

An absolute favourite of the experts at Linen Club, we love faux fux for the soft touch it brings into our homes. It's flexible, and looks great everywhere from the bedroom to lounge. We suggest something warm and fleecy, like Soren's Zuri Fleece Throw as a stylish extra layer on your bed, or if you're after something more suited to a night in on the couch, then look no further than the Nevada Faux Fur.

Cushions are our top tip to keeping your home warm and on trend this winter. They are the perfect inexpensive way to add style and texture as well as a touch of luxury to your home as the temperature drops outside.




Of course, the easiest way to turn up the heat in the bedroom is with the perfect quilt. An absolute essential for every bedroom, the difference between a good and great quilt is enormous, which is why this super soft Bas Phillips Duck Down & Feather Quilt is a great option. It's light and lofty, and it's superior insulation and breathability will keep you cosy and snug for many winters to come.




When it comes to staying warm there's nothing better than flannelette.

It's brushed texture is warm and breathable, trapping air and body heat while allowing your skin to breathe at the same time. If you're a really 'cool' sleeper, why not try a flannelette like this one from Soren? As the name suggests, flannelette's give you that extra bit of warmth on the coldest of nights, making them a stylish and cost effective way of staying warm.


Now that we've got you dreaming of cold winter nights, why not take a look at some of our recommendations? You'll find them all on the Harris Scarfe website. And don't forget to keep an eye on your inbox for next month's edition of Linen Club, where we'll take you through the finer points of picking the perfect quilt.


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