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When you choose a laundry appliance, it needs to fit your family and lifestyle. At Harris Scarfe, we offer a variety of appliances from simple steam irons to clothes steamers and complete steam stations.

What's the difference between a standard iron and a steam iron?

A standard dry iron only provides a hot plate. It uses heat to help smooth out any wrinkles in fabrics. However, it often takes longer to heat up than a steam iron and isn't as effective or gentle on clothes.

Today, steam irons are far more common. They have a built-in water tank that creates hot steam that makes ironing much easier and faster. For example, the integrated smart technology in our Tefal Smart Protect Steam Iron can actually determine fabric types and adjust to help reduce fabric damage. Explore our steam iron range online, from our affordable Russell Hobbs Easy Store Iron to our high-tech Tefal range.

What is a steam station?

A steam station is perfect for those who iron frequently and want a powerful ironing solution. Unlike a steam iron, which has a small in-built water tank, the steam station has a much larger, separate tank. This means it works faster than a steam iron, with twice as much steam output each time. Steam stations do take up more space, but they're a wise choice if you iron regularly.

If you're tired of having to descale your iron, our popular Tefal Express Steam Station boasts a removable calc collector for easy maintenance and maximum performance.

What laundry accessories do I need for my home?

At Harris Scarfe, we stock a huge range of popular laundry storage, cleaning appliances and accessories. Take a look at our foldable ironing mats, dryer balls and laundry storage vacuum bags online.

How much laundry storage do I need?

It's important to keep your laundry area clear and uncluttered so that everything is easy to find. For smaller spaces, we recommend our collapsible laundry range. Try our Sterilite Collapse-A-Peg Airer and Collapsible Laundry Baskets to help maximise your available space.

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