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Get a precise measurements for your ingredients with our measuring & weighing tools at Harris Scarfe. Shop measuring & weighing tools for cooking & baking.

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Precision in Every Scoop and Pour: Shop Premium Kitchen Weighing and Measuring Tools

When it comes to cooking - and especially baking - getting your measurements right is crucial. That's why we've curated an extensive range of weighing and measuring tools suitable for all tasks in the kitchen. Dive into our carefully selected range, which includes accurate kitchen scales, measuring jugs, measuring cups, measuring spoons, thermometers, and more.

What Kitchen Weighing & Measuring Tools Do I Need?

Never underestimate the importance of accurate measurements in your kitchen for dishes that hit the mark. Here are some of the essential weighing & measuring tools you should add to your kitchen arsenal:

  • Kitchen Scales: The Foundation of Precision Cooking: A kitchen scale is the cornerstone of accurate measurements, ensuring your ingredients are proportioned perfectly for consistent results. Our selection includes both traditional and digital kitchen scales, catering to various preferences. The digital kitchen scale, in particular, offers precision with easy-to-read displays and the ability to switch between different units of measurement.
  • Measuring Jugs: Streamline Your Liquid Measurements: When it comes to liquids, a measuring jug is an indispensable tool. Our measuring jugs are designed with clear markings for precise liquid measurements. Whether you're pouring out water, milk, or oils, these jugs make it easy to achieve accuracy in your recipes.
  • Measuring Cups: From Flour to Sugar, Perfect Portions Every Time: Measuring cups are essential for dry ingredients, providing a quick and easy way to scoop and level flour, sugar, and more. Our range includes durable measuring cups with clearly marked measurements, ensuring you get the right amount of each ingredient for your baking endeavours.
  • Measuring Spoons: Pinch, Dash, or Smidgen - No More Guesswork: For those smaller measurements, our measuring spoons come in handy. Whether it's a pinch of salt or a dash of vanilla extract, our measuring spoons are designed to precisely measure those flavour-enhancing ingredients.
  • Thermometers: Ensure Food-Safe Temperatures: When it comes to meats, candies, and delicate desserts, temperature is everything. Our selection of thermometers ensures that your creations are cooked to perfection. From digital meat thermometers to candy thermometers, we've got the tools to help you achieve the ideal temperature for every dish.

Weighing & Measuring - FAQ's

What are 3 types of kitchen measurements?

Kitchen measurements typically include volume (cups, tablespoons), weight (grams, ounces), and temperature (degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit).

What is the most accurate form of measurement in the kitchen?

Weight measurements using a kitchen scale are generally considered the most accurate form of measurement in the kitchen, especially for baking where precision is crucial.

Should I use cups or scales when measuring?

While both are common, using scales is recommended for precise measurements, especially for ingredients like flour. Cups can vary in size, leading to inconsistent results.

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At Harris Scarfe, we pride ourselves on offering the best kitchen weighing and measuring tools, and that includes partnering with top brands in Australia. Avanti and Wiltshire are renowned for their commitment to accuracy and durability in kitchen tools. From Avanti's sleek digital scales to Wiltshire's reliable measuring cups and jugs, these brands ensure that your measurements are spot on, every time. Shop online or in-store today to explore our comprehensive range of kitchen weighing and measuring tools at Harris Scarfe - for kitchen tools that accurately measure ingredients, every time. Don't leave anything to chance - measure with confidence, cook with precision.