Men's Sleepwear

With our huge range of high-quality men’s sleepwear, you can easily find the ideal pyjamas, nightsuits, sleep tees, dressing gowns and more that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed when it’s time to hit the hay. Shop our entire men's sleepwear range online or in-store today at Harris Scarfe!

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A Wide Range of Men’s Sleepwear & Pyjamas

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for our mind and body to operate at its best every day. So, you need to be comfortable in your sleepwear in order to get a good night's sleep. Regardless of whether you prefer long plus size pyjamas or short fleece pyjamas, our range of men's sleepwear will ensure you get a good night's rest. 

Ideal for the winter months, our range of cotton nightwear for men features leading brands such as Nic Morris and Mitch Dowd. Available in sets and individual items, our sleepwear provides the comfort and warmth you need while you sleep. Our short sleeve tops are lightweight and made from cotton, which is perfect for keeping you dry during warm nights, especially if you are a hot sleeper. 


What is the Best Nightwear For Men?

Our men’s pyjama sets are ideal for both summer and winter, with the short sleeves being ideal for warmer nights. Lightweight with an elastic waist, our men’s pyjama pants are comfortable to sleep in, even on those unexpected warm nights. If you are looking for added warmth in winter, a Nic Morris pyjama set is what you need. 

If you are looking to up your sleepwear game, we have a great range of men’s dressing gowns that are perfect for when you want to cover up. A men’s nightsuit from Nic Morris is ideal for warmer nights as it is light and won’t feel heavy. With an adjustable belt, you can also tighten the gown for added support. For colder nights, the hooded twist gown will warm you up quickly. Made from polyester, our men’s dressing gowns are the perfect overlay for when the nights get cold. 


What Other Menswear Can I Find at Harris Scarfe?

  • Men’s slippers: featuring a range of designs, colours, materials and patterns including check, cord, moccasin and more, make sure your feet stay comfy when at home with our collection of men’s slippers
  • Men’s activewear: staying comfy and dry during a workout is tough. With our range of men’s activewear, you’ll easily stay dry, comfortable and stylish during your next workout.
  • Men’s plus sizes: from flannelette shirts and long sleeve shirts to polos, denim jeans, fleece hoodies and more, explore our quality range of men’s plus sizes today.
  • Men’s undershirts and singlets: as the perfect underlayer for gym attire or trying to keep warm during colder months, you’ll find a huge range of colours and fabrics in our range of men’s undershirts and singlets.
  • Men’s underwear: wearing ill-fitting undies means a long day of awkwardly adjusting and not feeling comfortable. Explore our range of men’s underwear and make sure your undies don’t give you any issues again.
  • Men’s socks: sweaty and smelly feet are no fun. Shop our huge range of men’s socks featuring moisture-wicking and odour-resistant materials and keep them dry and smelling good.
  • Men’s t-shirts and tanks: no matter your style, you will find the perfect tank top or short sleeve shirt to match your existing wardrobe in our range of men’s t-shirts and tanks.
  • Men’s fleece and hoodies: stay snug and warm with luxuriously soft to the touch material by exploring our huge range of men’s fleece and hoodies.
  • Men’s trackpants: if you love to jog or stay active outside, then find the right pair of bottoms for your activewear outfit in our stylish range of men’s trackpants.
  • Men’s shorts: from materials like denim and chino to a range of designs, styles, colours and sizes, our collection of men’s shorts has all your summer outfit needs taken care of.



Find the Right Men’s Sleepwear & Pyjamas at Harris Scarfe

Whether you are searching for a high-quality pair of men’s pyjama pants, sleep shorts, dressing downs, sleep shorts or more, you will find everything you need to stay comfortable, cosy and relaxed in our massive range of men’s sleepwear at Harris Scarfe. 

Shop our entire range of men’s sleepwear including men’s pyjama sets, dressing gowns, pyjama pants, sleep tees and more online or visit us in-store today.