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Discover cosy and stylish women's cardigans at Harris Scarfe. You'll love the range of cardigans in various lengths, styles and colours. Shop online today.

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Shop Stylish Cardigans And Jumpers For Women At Harris Scarfe

Add an extra layer to your outfit with a jumper or light cardigan, and brave the winter chill. Versatile and comfortable, they are the perfect attire for indoor and outdoor wear. Whether you're cosying up on the couch or going for a casual drink with friends, our range of women's jumpers and cardigans will keep you warm. Available in designs like long sleeves, short sleeves, pullovers and button-ups, cardigans and jumpers will bring new life to your wardrobe.

Made from super soft wool, cotton, polyester, and acrylic, look and feel good in your new outerwear by Harris Scarfe. A wardrobe staple - a good jumper or cardigan is a must-have for any woman as part of her outfit.

Love The Classic Styles And Colour Tones In Women's Jumpers And Cardigans

Here at Harris Scarfe, our collection of women's outerwear is available in an array of colours, styles, patterns, and materials. The boldest colours can brighten up the coldest days, so why not match a yellow, blue, pink or red women's jumper with a dark pair of jeans to contrast colours? Fashion is about creativity, so don't be afraid to style your outfit with different hues.

Our range of women's jumpers comes in various styles, including ribbed, turtle neck, pointelle, and v-neck. Designed by brands like Khoko and Savannah, our women's jumpers range in sizes from 8 to 26, depending on the style and cut of the jumper. Alternatively, If women's knit cardigans are your style, choose from long tail and crop, long and short sleeve styles in stock. Our cardigans are lightweight, so you won't feel overdressed even on warmer days.

Women's Jumpers & Cardigans FAQs

What is the difference between a jumper and a cardigan?

A jumper is a type of top, typically a pullover, without buttons or zippers, whereas a cardigan has an opening in front that is fastened with buttons or a zipper.

How should I care for my knitwear and sweaters?

It's recommended to hand wash or machine wash knitwear and sweaters on a delicate setting and lay them flat to dry. Avoid bleach and high heat, and avoid wringing or twisting them.

Can I wear jumpers or cardigans to formal events?

Yes, jumpers and button-up cardigans can be dressed up with the right accessories and styling to make them appropriate for formal events.

Are ladies' jumpers and cardigans suitable for different body types?

Yes, jumpers and cardigans come in various styles and cuts to suit different body types, such as fitted, oversized, and more.

What material are women's jumpers and cardigans typically made of?

Jumpers and cardigans are typically made of wool, cashmere, cotton, or synthetic materials such as acrylic.

How can I style a jumper or cardigan?

Jumpers and cardigans can be styled in many ways. They can be worn with jeans and trainers for a casual look, paired with skirts and heels for a dressy look or layered over shirts or dresses.

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