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Season your meals to perfection with salt & pepper grinders from Harris Scarfe. Discover a huge range of stylish designs to elevate your dining table.

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Find The Right Salt & Pepper Grinders, Shakers And Mills At Harris Scarfe

Make sure your food is always seasoned properly with your favourite seasonings with our fantastic range of salt and pepper grinders, shakers and mills at Harris Scarfe. With a range of different styles and colours to choose from, you'll easily find what you're looking for when browsing through our complete range. Harris Scarfe has a huge selection of different pepper mills and salt shaker designs to add the perfect finishing touch to your table settings.

Discover Salt & Pepper Grinders In A Variety Of Materials

At Harris Scarfe you can find salt and pepper mills to suit any dining table and decorating theme. Choose from wooden pepper mills in natural timber tones or classic black, as well as grinders made from clear glass and brushed metal in tones like silver and copper. For an extra touch of convenience, you can find mills with "2-in-1" designs for both pepper and salt, as well as electric grinders that will season your meals with the touch of a button!

Salt & Pepper Shakers FAQs

How to clean salt & pepper grinders

There's nothing worse than going to season your meal at the dinner table and realising that your salt and pepper grinder needs cleaning. As they can be a little fiddly to clean, here are some helpful steps to cleaning your salt and pepper mill:

  • The first step is to unscrew the nut at the top of the salt and pepper grinder and remove the top.
  • Tip the grinder upside down and empty out any remaining pepper or salt by tapping it firmly.
  • Mix together one part white vinegar and four parts water and pour it into a spray bottle. Vinegar is not only good for cleaning but also for removing odours.
  • Spray the mixture onto the salt and pepper grinder and then give it a good wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • Using a clean toothbrush, scrub the inside of the grinder.
  • Remember that you should never put a salt and pepper grinder in the dishwasher or submerge in water unless specified otherwise. This is because there are sensitive parts inside that are very difficult to dry.

Once the grinder is clean and wiped down, reassemble it back together and it's good to go!

How to refill salt & pepper shakers

Even though it may seem simple enough, refilling your salt and pepper shakers can lead to unwanted spills and mess if not careful. To make it as easy as possible, here are some handy tips for refilling salt and pepper shakers without any mess:

  • If you're filling up your salt and pepper shakers for the first time, it's crucial to choose a seasoning that can fit through the hole size on your salt shakers. If the granules are too big, you'll be shaking for a long time with nothing coming out.
  • Before turning your salt and pepper shakers upside down, place some tape over the holes to make sure nothing spills out as you're refilling.
  • Turn the salt shaker upside down and remove the plug at the base.
  • So there are no unwanted spills on your kitchen counter, use a small funnel when pouring in the salt or pepper. If you don't have a funnel, you can grab a sheet of paper and fold it into a cone shape.
  • Insert it slightly into the salt shaker and begin filling it.
  • Attach the plug back into the base and turn the salt and pepper shaker upright, removing the tape on top of the holes.

What is the best salt & pepper grinder?

When it comes to choosing the right pepper and salt grinders, consider your existing tableware and opt for a set that will coordinate with either your table linen or dinner sets. It's also important to consider the capacity of your chosen mills. Compact designs are a great option for smaller households, but if you have a large family or often hold dinner parties, choose taller mills to minimise the frequency of refills. Finally, if you have any mobility issues or simply enjoy a touch of convenience, grind your seasonings with an electric mill as they only need one hand for operation.

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