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Enjoy A Cosy Sleeping Experience With Bed Blankets From Harris Scarfe

Investing in blankets is not just about finding a cosy addition to your living space but elevating your comfort and well-being to new heights. These versatile and enchanting pieces offer a multitude of benefits that can transform your daily life. Whether you're seeking warmth, style, or even a touch of luxury, blankets are an investment worth considering. They're a great way to update the look for your room at a surprisingly affordable price. From must-have weighted blankets and hooded blankets to wool blankets, cotton blankets and polyester blankets, find the right one at Harris Scarfe. You can also find electric blankets in the bedding range for added warmth in the colder months.

Benefits of Blankets

Here's why blankets deserve a prime spot on your investment radar:

  • Unmatched Warmth: Wrap yourself in a world of pure cosiness. Throw blankets, bed throws, cotton throws and fleece blankets are the ultimate champions when it comes to keeping you warm and snug during chilly nights or when winter winds howl outside. Investing in a high-quality blanket means embracing a haven of comfort that will make you forget the frosty temperatures outside.
  • Style That Inspires: A well-chosen blanket can be a design masterpiece that adds a touch of elegance and character to any room. Invest in blankets crafted from luxurious materials like cashmere, merino wool, or plush cotton, and witness how they effortlessly become statement pieces, transforming your space into a captivating oasis of style and sophistication.
  • Enhanced Sleep: Drift off into a realm of undisturbed slumber with the help of a premium blanket. A cosy blanket's soft touch and gentle embrace can create the perfect sleep environment, promoting relaxation and serenity. Invest in a blanket that pampers you with the finest materials, and prepare for nights filled with uninterrupted, dream-filled rest.
  • Versatile: A throw blanket is more than just an accessory for your bed - it's a versatile companion that can accompany you throughout your day. Blankets effortlessly adapt to any occasion, from picnic adventures in the park to cosy movie nights on the couch. Invest in a blanket that can be taken on countless adventures, providing comfort and warmth wherever you go.

Shop Quality Blankets From Leading Brands at Harris Scarfe

You'll discover a treasure trove of blankets catering to every taste and preference at Harris Scarfe. Harris Scarfe has everything from sumptuous bed throws to cosy wool, mink and fleece blankets that cocoon you in warmth. You can choose from machine washable, hypoallergenic and super soft choices from brands like Elysian, Gainsborough, Odyssey, Tontine, Bas Phillips, etc., making Harris Scarfe the perfect destination for blanket shopping. Even more delightful is that you enjoy a seamless online and in-store shopping experience, ensuring you can easily and conveniently explore.

Blankets FAQs

How to wash blankets?

For most blankets, machine washing on a gentle cycle with mild detergent is recommended, followed by a gentle tumble dry on low heat or air-drying to preserve their softness and integrity. However, be sure to check the care instructions specific to your blanket's material to ensure you give it the pampering it deserves. Remember, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping your blankets fresh and ready to wrap you in comfort time and time again.

How to store blankets?

Opt for a clean and dry space where they can rest undisturbed. Fold them neatly to minimise wrinkles and creases, and consider using breathable storage bags or boxes to protect them from dust and pests. By creating a serene haven for your blankets, you ensure they'll be ready to embrace you with warmth and comfort whenever you retrieve them from their cosy sanctuary.

How Do I Select the Best Blanket For My Bed?

Knowing how you plan to use your blanket is a great first step in deciding what type you'll need. Loose, natural weaves look great casually slung across the end of the bed but aren't always the warmest option. Meanwhile, a fluffy mink will provide the most sumptuous snuggle, but it won't give your bed that rustic vibe. Different fabrics do more than just offer different looks, though. They also wash and wear differently, impact the price and provide varying layers of warmth and weight. It's a good idea to explore all of these factors as you make a decision about which bed blanket or throw to buy. After all, your bed should be your happy place. Our tip for choosing the perfect size: to add another layer of warmth to your bedding, choose a blanket at least the same size as your quilt. Or, if you plan to use your bed blanket as a throw, aim for something smaller than half your bed's size.

Buy Amazing Value Blankets & Bedding At Harris Scarfe

Beyond blankets, Harris Scarfe offers a captivating array of other bedding options to elevate your sleep sanctuary to new heights of luxury and comfort. Explore a world of plush pillows that cradle your head in blissful support, quilts that envelop you in a cloud-like embrace, and cushion accessories that add a touch of elegance and style to your bedding ensemble. Choose from brands like Gainsborough, Bas Phillips, and Elysian that promise exceptional quality and craftsmanship, transforming your sleep experience. Take some time to explore our online range of bed blankets and throws, or visit a Harris Scarfe near you. As you embark on your quest for the perfect bedding, don't miss the opportunity to delve into our Home Hub, a treasure trove of unique tips and advice designed to help you create the ultimate sleeping oasis. Uncover guidance on selecting the right bedding materials, optimising your sleep environment, and embracing the art of relaxation.