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Whether you know them as quilts, doonas or duvets, finding the best type for you is the first step to ensuring a great night's sleep. At Harris Scarfe you can find quilts and doonas in a huge variety of bed sizes and materials to suit your mattress and sleeping style. Choose from duvets from leading bedding brands including Tontine, Jason and more to find the best quality quilts from Harris Scarfe. Whether you're looking for a winter quilt, wool quilt, summer quilt or an all-seasons quilt, we have every type, quilt size and material option for all preferences and budgets. Find the best quilts and doonas at great prices at Harris Scarfe - explore the range online and in-store today.

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  • Wool Quilts: Choose a wool quilt if you're seeing incredible warmth and insulation. Wool fibres are also naturally moisture wicking and hypoallergenic, making them a great bedding option for anyone who values quilt and comfort.
  • Feather & Down Quilts: Enjoy the luxury and comfort of a down-filled doona. With exceptional warmth thanks to the natural insulating properties of the filling, feather and down quilts are also breathable to help you regulate body temperature while sleeping.
  • Polyester Quilts: Offering affordability, durability and a lightweight design, a polyester quilt is a great choice for your bed. They're also quick drying and easy to launder, making them a great addition to your bedding selection.
  • Cotton Quilts: Cotton quilts make an excellent choice for a summer quilt. Durable and long lasting, a cotton quilt offers soft and breathable material to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.

Quilts & Doonas FAQs

Doonas, duvets and quilts: what's the difference?

Quilts, duvets and doonas are different words used interchangeably for the same product. Put simply, it's the insert that goes inside your quilt cover. The only difference is that sometimes the word quilt is used to describe a homemade coverlet-style bed cover where the filling is stitched into place inside the decorative covering. When it comes to bedding products, a quilt is the same as a duvet or doona.

What size is a double bed quilt?

While bedding sizes can differ slightly between manufacturers, most Australian double quilt covers measure 180 x 210 cm. A double quilt cover is also the ideal size for using on a king single bed. Single covers measure 140 x 210 cm, a queen size 210 x 210 cm and a king cover coming in at 240 x 210 cm.

How to wash a quilt?

Quilts and doonas can easily be machine washed - provided it fits inside your machine with enough room to move! Make sure your machine can accommodate the weight and size of your quilt. It's also important to follow the care instructions provided with your quilt, as different materials and fillings can require special attention to keep your duvet in tip-top shape.

How to choose the right quilt or doona?

There are plenty of considerations to take into account when purchasing the best doona or quilt for your needs. Keep in mind your sleeping style and the range of seasons in your locality - you may want to invest in a winter quilt and a summer quilt to ensure you're sleeping comfortably all year round. Fill type, GSM and loft type important considerations. Find out everything you need to know about these terms and more with our informative quilt and doona buying guide.

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Find the best quilt cover for every season and sleeping style from Harris Scarfe's extensive selection. We have all your bedding needs covered at Harris Scarfe, where you can find mattress protectors, pillows, blankets and more so you can create the cosiest bedtime experience. Shop quilts and doonas at Harris Scarfe, and complete your bedroom makeover with our massive range of quilt covers that will suit any decorating style or budget. Make your purchases online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery and click & collect, or shop in-store at your local Harris Scarfe. Our Bed, Bath & Home Buying Guides are a wealth of information when it comes to finding the best bedding essentials for your home, and our Home Hub articles offer fabulous styling and decorating tips for bedrooms and more. HS Friends members also enjoy exclusive discounts and other great benefits so make sure you sign up to HS Friends as well for quilts, doonas and bedding at great prices!