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Harris Scarfe stocks a huge range of low cut socks, crew socks, as well as novelty socks for men. Shop our collection of socks online or in-store now!

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Socks are an icon of a man's bedroom drawers, along with underwear. The humble sock comes in an array of colours, sizes, and patterns that allows you to mix and match when wearing them. Both an essential and necessary item of clothing, a quality sock will provide you with comfort and warmth your feet need throughout the day.

Often seen spread out on the floor, socks are one of the most regularly purchased items because of holes in the fabric. Old and worn out socks not only look bad, but the lack of protection around the hole can also cause blistering on your foot. If the hole is around the toe of the sock, it can irritate the skin between your toes, making the area very itching and uncomfortable.

Don't put up with holey and worn out socks. The lack of fibre threads not only rip easily, but the material also doesn't breathe as well, making your feet hot and sweaty. Which can cause a build of bacteria around your foot, which can lead to the dreaded athlete's foot.

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The right pair of socks can dramatically improve the lower half of your outfit when matched correctly with your shoes. At Harris Scarfe, our collection of men's socks come in many different cuts and styles from leading brands, including Bonds, Jack of All Trades, Explorer and Heatmax. All are reputable manufacturers of men's socks and underwear.

Different styles are designed for different situations. Thick, cotton socks are perfect for tradesmen that wear boots all day. Cotton breathes easy, ensuring your feet are kept dry while you work. For the office professional, a nice pair of business socks are a must-have to complement your business attire. Thinner in style but comfortable to wear, these socks come in plain and pattern designs.

Low cut and quarter crew socks are the sock of choice for many men when they exercise. As our bodies sweat, our clothes absorb so much moisture, making them stick to your body. Not only do these socks help keep your feet dry, but the material also helps air circulate throughout the fibres. Exercise in comfort with a pair of sport socks from Harris Scarfe.