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Discover Quality Men's Socks For Every Occasion At Harris Scarfe

Dress with quality clothing from the feet up with men's socks from Harris Scarfe. They may not be the most exciting clothing item, but the right pair of men's socks will set you up for day-long comfort. The humble sock comes in an array of colours, sizes, and patterns and materials to suit a range of outfits and occasions. Quality men's socks are a wardrobe essential that will provide you with the comfort and warmth your feet need throughout the day. Discover men's work socks, men's ankle socks and quarter crew socks from trusted underwear brands in Harris Scarfe's range. You can also find men's Holeproof and Explorer styles that offer unparalleled comfort, cushioning and durability. Buy men's socks at great prices online and in-store today with Harris Scarfe.

Find Your Perfect Pair With Men's Socks From Leading Brands

At Harris Scarfe, you can find comfortable and practical men's socks from some of Australia's best-loved underwear brands. Whether you're looking for a simple pair of socks for your business outfit or something fun and colourful for the weekend, we have you covered.

  • Bonds socks: Discover Bonds men's socks at Harris Scarfe. Loved by men and women across Australia, Bonds are known for their comfortable, affordable basics and their commitment to quality.
  • Mitch Dowd socks: If you're looking for novelty, colour and pattern in your men's socks, then look no further than the creations from Mitch Dowd. This distinctly Australian brand is known for bold, artistic flair across their range of socks, undies and PJs.
  • Underworks socks: Underworks men's socks are designed to offer great fit, comfort and quality at everyday value prices.

Men's Socks FAQs

How to choose the best men's socks

Different styles are designed for different situations. Thick, cotton socks are perfect for tradesmen that wear boots all day. Cotton breathes easily, ensuring your feet are kept dry while you work. For the office professional, a nice pair of business socks are a must-have to complement your business attire. Thinner in style but comfortable to wear, these socks come in plain and pattern designs.

Low-cut and quarter-crew socks are the sock of choice for many men when they exercise. As our bodies sweat, our clothes absorb so much moisture, making them stick to your body. Not only do these socks help keep your feet dry, but the material also helps air circulate throughout the fibres. Exercise in comfort with a pair of sport socks from Harris Scarfe.

What are the warmest men's socks?

If you're looking to keep your toes cosy and warm in the colder months, opt for a thick sock style with a wool or wool blend fabrication. Not only is wool one of the warmest materials, it's also moisture-wicking wicking which ensures day-long breathability and comfort.

How to fold men's socks

Keep your sock drawer neat, tidy and organised with the right sock folding technique. Here are our favourite methods for folding men's socks:

  • Flip them: Stack one sock on top of the other, with the openings lined up. Take one of the cuffs and fold it inside out to around the halfway point, encasing one sock inside the other.
  • Roll them: The "jelly roll" method is great for men's mid-length socks. Just place one sock on top of the other and roll them tightly together.
  • Fold them: Put one sock on top of the other to form a crisscross shape. Fold the bottom sock over the top sock from the toe end, tucking it under where it overlaps. Fold the other end of the bottom sock in the same way. Repeat for the top sock and finish by tucking the toe end inside the sock opening.

Shop Comfortable & Practical Men's Socks At Harris Scarfe

Explore the range of men's socks at Harris Scarfe for the best in comfort for your feet. Explore everything from men's bamboo socks for their lightweight fabrication and breathability to men's Explorer socks for durability, cushioning and warmth. Whether you're looking for sleek men's crew socks for business outfits or sturdy men's socks for sports and running, we have you covered at Harris Scarfe. Shop the complete range of men's underwear & sleepwear to create comfortable and stylish outfits from the base up. Explore the range of men's boxers, men's briefs, men's trunks, men's sleepwear, men's undershirts & singlets and more at Harris Scarfe today. Make your purchases online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your order, or head into your nearest Harris Scarfe store to explore the range in person.