Men's Underwear

Every guy knows the frustration of not feeling comfortable when wearing a pair of ill-fitting underwear. To ensure all your bits stay in the right place, whether a snug or loose fit, our huge range of men's underwear at Harris Scarfe will spare you from having to keep awkwardly adjusting throughout the day.

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How to Choose the Best Underwear For You

Whether you're spending a long day at work, hanging out with mates or working up a sweat at the gym, the key to staying comfortable all day long is wearing the right pair of men’s underpants for your needs. Here's a quick guide to choosing the best type of men's underwear covering the three main styles:


Men’s Trunks

Men's trunks have a simple silhouette that offers a snug fit in the front, meaning they're perfect for wearing underneath tight-fitting outfits like slim-fit jeans. Sitting on the hip, trunks cut across and hug the mid-thigh, which is great for men with large builds and muscular thighs. For example, our range of Nic Morris men’s trunks offer constant support for active lifestyles and are breathable due to their cotton breathable material.


Men’s Briefs

With a traditional 'Y' shape in the front and full coverage at the back, men's briefs are less prone to bunching throughout the day while offering a good level of support and comfort. Briefs, such as our selection of Bonds men’s Briefs, are designed to end between the body and leg, making briefs perfect for sitting down all day, such as office work. They're also an ideal choice for men who wear tighter pants.


Men’s Boxer Shorts

Men's boxer shorts can be a double-edged sword - they provide the ultimate loose and airy fit - yet are prone to bunching up as they are much longer than other types of men's underwear. This means they aren't the best choice with slim trousers but are great with baggier pants and shorts. Boxer shorts, like our Mitch Dowd men’s boxers, provide an incredibly light, comfortable and unobstructed feel throughout the day.


What Other Menswear Can I Find at Harris Scarfe?

  • Men’s activewear: looking stylish while also comfortable when working up a sweat can be tricky. With our huge range of breathable and moisture-wicking men’s activewear, you’ll stay dry and cool.
  • Men’s undershirts and singlets: perfect for both sleeping in cool nightwear during summer and for wearing under your more expensive clothing when sweating, you'll find what you need in our range of men's singlets. From athletic singlets to V-neck undershirts, explore our range today.
  • Men’s sleepwear: offering the ultimate in comfortable bedtime attire, our men's sleepwear range is available in a range of different patterns, colours and styles. Whether you like flannelette pyjama pants or prefer a cotton waffle gown, you'll find it at Harris Scarfe.
  • Men’s shorts: when you are heading into town or trying to stay cool during the hotter months, you can stay cool and comfy with our stylish range of men’s shorts.
  • Men’s pants: whether you are dressing for comfort or style, our great range of men’s pants makes it easy to put together a stylish outfit that you’ll always feel comfortable in.
  • Men’s jeans: featuring stylish jeans from a range of big brands including Lee Cooper, Bullshead, Levis and many more, explore our collection of men’s jeans for the right fit today.
  • Men’s t-shirts and tanks: perfect for wearing under a t-shirt or jumper when the weather warms up or staying cool in the gym, you’ll find everything you need in our range of men’s t-shirts and tanks.
  • Men’s plus sizes: our great range of men’s plus sizes has everything to keep you comfy and looking good, no matter the season.
  • Men’s trackpants: made from high-quality fabrics such as fleece and cotton, our range of men’s trackpants has all your casual menswear needs covered.
  • Men’s casual shoes: from lace up shoes to loafers, casual runners, hiking boots and much more, explore our range of men’s casual shoes today!


Find the Right Men’s Underwear, Boxers, Trunks & Briefs at Harris Scarfe

Featuring many big brands such as Mitch Dowd, Bonds, Lonsdale, Nic Morris, Tradie and more, quality, comfort and support is guaranteed with the high-quality range of men's underwear and underpants at Harris Scafe. If you're looking for cooler, more breathable clothing, check out our Guide To Styling Your Linen Wardrobe for tips on creating the ultimate men's outfit for summer.

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