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Kitchen Appliances

There is at least one kitchen appliance in our home that we use regularly on a daily basis. The most common being the microwave, toaster, kettle or coffee machine. Not only do these appliances make our lives easier, but they are also often used by everyone in the household. Whether it is toasting bread for breakfast or boiling water for an afternoon cup of tea, our range of kitchen appliances are a must have for all homes.

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, our range of appliances will allow you to create gourmet meals. Kitchen appliances are designed specifically to meet your everyday culinary needs and with each product coming with a warranty, you are covered should anything happen. Which is why we only stock the best brands in kitchen appliances.

Whether it is a classic Blender for smoothies or a sandwich press for toasties at lunch, quality appliances are a must.

Cook with Confidence

Our range of kitchen appliances will ensure your home is up to date with the latest electric cookware. Tested for quality and safety, you can be sure to find your perfect appliance at the best price. Starting with breakfast, our range of toasters are available in an array of colours and come in both 2 and 4-slice varieties. For those that need a caffeine hit, our coffee machines will ensure you wake up with a fresh cup of coffee. If tea is more your thing, a quality kettle will ensure water is boiled to the right temperature.

If you are wanting to enjoy all the foods you love without having to cook with fats or oils, you can. Air fryers are a high-speed circulation system that cooks food with up to 80% less fat than traditional deep fryers or pans. With non-stick coating and large cooking capacity, you can still enjoy chips, fried chicken or spring rolls at home.
Slow cookers are perfect for anyone that is time poor or doesn't want to come home from work and cook. Ideal for meats, fish, and vegetables, simply place your ingredients in the dish, set the timer and enjoy the taste of slow-cooked food in the comfort of your home. Harris Scarfe also has the best range of appliances that you will love. From mixers and electric frypans, food dehydrators, food processors rice cookers and electric ovens. We have appliances to suit your kitchens needs.