Women's Cross Trainers

Tired of hauling around multiple shoes when going to the gym or playing sports? Cross trainers are excellent sports footwear that let you seamlessly switch from one activity to another. Our range of women's cross training shoes will keep up with your active lifestyle and ensure you're looking great.

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Why choose cross training shoes?

Training shoes for women, also known as cross trainers, are designed to provide comfort and support for a variety of different sports. Whether it's volleyball, working out at the gym, yoga, cycling, tennis or more, you can easily hop into the next activity or meet up with friends without changing into a new pair.

Versatile outsoles

Cross-trainers provide a lot of traction because of their thick outsoles, and their width also offers plenty of stability for your feet when moving. They're made to be very durable yet are lighter than other types of sports footwear. Their rounded edge design also helps to reduce the likelihood of rolling your ankle.

Best of both worlds

Their versatile outsoles are what make cross trainers perfect for a wide range of sports that require you to move differently, such as playing tennis compared to jumping around when playing basketball. For example, our Diadora Women's Leather Comfort Walkers are the perfect go-to pair of shoes for whatever sport you play, featuring a shock-absorbing midsole and a high level of comfort.

Different styles and colours

Cross training shoes come in many different styles and colours, making them perfect for a wide range of different outfits. Many feature bright and neutral colours, as well as geometric shapes and styles. For example, our Diadora Flamingo Velcro Training Shoes feature an easy to wear velcro strap design, whereas our Diadora Women's Trail Hikers have a similar design to hiking shoes.

What other women's sports footwear are available at Harris Scarfe?

If you enjoy going on long runs or are looking for something a little more casual, then our wide range of women's sports footwear will have exactly what you need.

Running shoes

Whether you take your running seriously or simply enjoy long runs, our range of women's running shoes is perfect for giving your feet the support they'll need. With features such as shock absorption and extra cushioning, you'll have the comfort and support you need when running on hard surfaces.

Sporting leisure shoes

From working up a sweat at the gym to stylish footwear for matching your activewear, our range of women's leisure shoes can do it all. Our footwear range includes styles such as sleek slip ons with breathable mesh material, and waterproof hiker-style shoes that are perfect for your next adventure.

Sport sandals and slides

Make sure you've got the right footwear when at the spa or beach with our fantastic range of women's sport sandals and slides. Featuring an insole designed with soft nubs and neoprene padding, our Diadora Women's Spa Slides will give your feet a relaxing massage with each step!

Find the Right Women's Cross Training Shoes at Harris Scarfe

The Harris Scarfe range of women's cross training shoes is designed to let you easily transition from one activity to another, no matter what sport you enjoy playing. To find a pair that matches your style and needs, explore our huge range today!

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