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Sleep Comfortably With Dunlopillo Pillows: A Brand You Can Trust

Since its humble beginnings all the back in 1931, Dunlopillo has established itself as a premium pillow brand that excels in offering the highest standard of support and comfort to sleepers. Endorsed by the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) and made from high-quality materials, you can discover a great range of premium Dunlopillo pillows from Harris Scarfe. Explore the Dunlopillo range online or in-store and wake up feeling refreshed today!

Discover Dunlopillo Pillows For Every Type Of Sleeper

  • Classic Profile Pillow: Our selection of classic profile Dunlopillo pillows is an excellent choice for sleepers who prefer to sleep on their stomach during the night. The classic profile design of the pillow will provide the necessary support to your neck and head while also keeping your spine aligned as you sleep.
  • Medium Profile Pillow: Our medium profile Dunlopillo pillows are the perfect option for those who prefer to sleep on their backs throughout the night. The medium profile design will make sure your head is comfortably raised while you sleep without irritating your shoulders or neck.
  • High Profile Pillow: If you are like the majority of sleepers in Australia and like to sleep on your side, then a high profile pillow from Dunlopillo was made for you. Offering firmer support, our high-profile pillows are slightly firmer to ensure that your head is comfortably aligned with your spine while sleeping on your side while also relieving pressure from your shoulders.
  • Cooling Gel Top Pillow: Are you a hot sleeper and find yourself sweating throughout the night? Then the Dunlopillo cooling gel top pillow will ensure you enjoy a comfortable and cool sleep. Combining the benefits of the cooling properties of cooling gel with memory foam, it is designed to regulate temperature as you sleep through the night. Made with breathable natural cotton, there will be no more hot side of the pillow when trying to get a good night's sleep!

Dunlopillo FAQs

Are Dunlopillo pillows suitable if I have allergies?

Pillows from Dunlopillo in Australia are also perfect for sleepers who suffer from allergies. The latex material from Dunlopillo pillows naturally inhibits the growth of dust mites, mould and dust mites, ensuring anyone suffering from allergies can still enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted night's sleep.

What is Talalay™ latex?

Dunlopillo's latex pillows use Talalay™ latex in their construction. This type of natural latex is named after the specialised production process, which is designed to create air pockets in the latex. This produces a lightweight, breathable latex material that helps you sleep comfortably.

Are Dunlopillo pillows covered by warranty?

With Dunlopillo, you can rest assured of a good night's sleep for years to come. Dunlopillo Latex and Memory Foam pillows are guaranteed under a manufacturer's warranty against faulty materials and workmanship for 10 years.

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Find The Right Dunlopillo Pillow At Harris Scarfe

With a great range of Dunlopillo pillows at Harris Scarfe, you will enjoy a great night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed, no matter how you prefer to sleep. Explore our informative bed pillows buying guide to help you make the right choice for your sleeping style. Shop our entire range of pillows from Dunlopillo in Australia online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your bedding order. Alternatively, head into your nearest Harris Scarfe store where our friendly team can help you find everything you need to update your bed and bed linen.