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Showcase your meals with exquisite serving bowls and condiment dishes available at Harris Scarfe! Designed with both practicality and elegance in mind, our collection is sure to elevate your table setting to new heights. Shop from leading brands such as Soren, Maxwell & Williams and Casa Domani to discover well-crafted serving dishes and bowls in a variety of styles - from vibrant, colourful and playful to sleek, simple and modern designs. The range includes:

The Versatility of Serving Bowls and Condiment Dishes: From Salads to Sauces, Upgrade Your Presentation

Not only do serving bowls and condiment dishes add aesthetic appeal, but they also serve practical purposes. Serving bowls with wide openings are perfect for tossing salads with serving utensils, ensuring every leaf is coated in dressing. On the other hand, deeper bowls are ideal for serving pasta or stir-fries, allowing for easy scooping and serving. Condiment dishes with multiple compartments help keep different sauces or spices separate, preventing flavour mingling and ensuring each condiment maintains its distinct taste.

Serving Bowls & Condiment Dishes for the Discerning Host: Practical and Aesthetic Benefits

Investing in high-quality serving bowls and condiment dishes from Harris Scarfe offers numerous benefits for those who love to cook at home and entertain. Our collection is made from a range of quality materials, including fine porcelain, glass, wood and ceramic, ensuring there's something to suit every style and occasion. With their exceptional craftsmanship, these pieces are not only functional but also add a touch of sophistication to your table setting. For great table-setting ideas, head on over to our Hub to read more. Serving bowls and condiment dishes at Harris Scarfe are also designed with convenience in mind. Many of our bowls and dishes are dishwasher-safe, making clean-up a breeze after a delightful meal.

Serving Bowls and Condiment Dishes FAQs

What Is a Serving bowl?

A serving bowl is an essential piece of servingware that adds style and functionality to your dining table. Serving bowls are versatile vessels that can hold anything from refreshing salads to hearty pasta dishes. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your specific needs.

Condiment dishes (also known as sauce dishes), on the other hand, are smaller containers designed to hold sauces, dips, or spices, adding an extra layer of flavour to your meals. They are also available in designs that function as chip and dip platters, that feature raised sides to divide the chip from the sauce or dip.

How many serving bowls do I need?

In general, it is advisable to have a variety of serving bowl sizes to accommodate different types of dishes. A good starting point is to have at least three to four serving bowls in various sizes. This will allow you to serve a range of dishes, from smaller side salads or appetisers to larger main courses.

Consider having a couple of large serving bowls with a capacity of around 3 to 5 litres. These can be used for serving family-style salads, pasta dishes, or larger portions of side dishes. Opt for bowls with wide openings, as they make it easier to toss salads or serve dishes that require scooping.

Having a few medium-sized serving bowls is useful for serving smaller side dishes or individual portions. These bowls are perfect for serving items like rice, roasted vegetables, or smaller salads.

You should also have a few small serving bowls on hand. These are handy for serving condiments, sauces, garnishes or dips. These smaller bowls are also great for individual servings of desserts or snacks and can be placed on a larger serving tray, board or platter for easy presentation.

Discover the Perfect Complement to Your Culinary Creations

When it comes to the use of serving bowls, there are endless possibilities. Imagine serving a vibrant mixed green salad in a beautifully crafted glass bowl, allowing the colours and textures to shine through. Or perhaps you're hosting a Mexican-themed dinner and want to showcase an array of homemade salsas and guacamole in stylish ceramic condiment dishes. We also stock cheese knife sets or serving jugs to complement your new serving dishes. The versatility of the servingware available at Harris Scarfe online and in-store allows you to create visually stunning displays that will impress your guests.