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Shop our range of dinner sets that come in different colours & styles to suit your theme. Shop beautiful dinner sets from leading brands at Harris Scarfe.

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Discover Elegant Crockery & Dinner Sets For Every Occasion

At Harris Scarfe, you can find gorgeous dinnerware sets that will elevate every meal into something truly special. Explore dinner sets from leading brands in a range of colours and designs including rim, coupe and round styles. Whether you're looking for a Maxwell & Williams dinner set or a classic white dinner set you're sure to find the perfect match for your dining room at Harris Scarfe!

Dinner sets are the ideal way to create elegantly coordinated place settings for everyday dining and special occasions alike. A dinner set typically includes matching dinner plates, side plates, bowls and often mugs as well, meaning that you'll always be covered for perfectly plated meals at any time of the day. At Harris Scarfe, you can find a wide range of dinner sets including 12-piece dinner sets and 16-piece dinner sets that are perfect for serving multiple courses.

Complete Your Table Settings With Gorgeous Dinnerware At Harris Scarfe

Once you've found the perfect dinner set (or two) for your table, you can complete your dining settings with other stylish items from Harris Scarfe's dinnerware range. You can explore a variety of individually sold bowls and plates to coordinate with any dinner set. Whether you need a soup bowl, side plate, entree plate or cereal bowl, you're sure to find the perfect option for serving any meal or snack.

Harris Scarfe's kitchen and dining range also includes quality cutlery, including cutlery sets, serving cutlery & utensils, steak knives and more to complete your table settings. From polished stainless steel to matte metallic finishes you're sure to find the perfect complementary design for your dinnerware. We also have beautiful servingware to present your favourite meals with style. Discover serving platters & plates, serving boards, serving bowls & condiment dishes and so much more at Harris Scarfe!

Dinner Sets FAQs

How to set a dinner table

Given your table is the focal point of the dining room, it's worthwhile following some easy-to-remember guidelines for setting your table properly. It all starts with a dinner plate in the centre of the setting. Knives, forks and spoons should then be placed on the table in order of use, starting from the outside and working inwards with each course (as a rule of thumb, your knives and forks for the main meal should be closest to the plate). Forks go to the left of the plate, soup spoons and knives go to the right. Knife blades face toward the plate, and spoons sit outside the knives.

For formal occasions, the same guidelines apply. However, salad and main forks should be placed on top of an ironed and folded napkin. Glasses for water, and red and white wine glasses sit at approximately where 1 o'clock is on a clock face. To finish off your formal setting, a salad plate and soup bowl should be placed on top of the dinner plate, while a bread & butter plate with a knife laid across it is placed at 10 o'clock. Impress your dinner guests with great ideas from our tablescaping tips & ideas article and our informative guide to table setting for casual & formal occasions.

Dinner set vs individual dinnerware: what's better?

When it comes to finding the best dinnerware and crockery for your home, there are many advantages to starting off your selection by purchasing a dinner set. Dinner sets are often a very affordable way to grab everything you need in one go, and you can be assured that each piece matches perfectly when you set them out. Dinnerware sets are ideal for new homeowners and are also a great way to kickstart a kitchen and dining makeover. Having said that, adding to your dinner set with individual pieces will extend your meal presentation options - and remember, adding contrasting colours and designs can also make a dramatic style statement!

How to care for your dinner set pieces

Harris Scarfe's range of dinnerware items are designed to be durable, practical, as well as stylish. Whether your dinner set is made from porcelain, stoneware or other ceramic it's important to carefully clean and use your dinnerware to ensure it goes the distance! Be sure to take note of the manufacturer's recommendations when it comes to dishwasher, microwave and oven safety. Some other top tips include avoiding dramatic changes in temperature (eg. placing a plate into the microwave straight from the fridge) as this can cause cracking from thermal shock. Make sure you stack plates and bowls neatly into your dishwasher without them touching to avoid chipping.

Shop Dinnerware & Tableware For Every Home At Harris Scarfe

From elegant whites and neutral tones that match just about anything to patterned and coloured dinnerware sets, your crockery is central to the look of your dining table. At Harris Scarfe, you can find dinnerware that you love to elevate your everyday eating experiences. Complete your table settings with beautiful table linen & accessories, including tablecloths, cloth napkins, table runners and placemats.

Shop the complete range of dinner sets and tableware at your local Harris Scarfe store, or make your purchases online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your order. Explore our Food Hub articles for delicious dinner inspiration and recipes, and check out our guide on bone china vs fine china vs porcelain for everything you need to know about crockery and dinnerware!