Women's Jackets & Coats

Women's Jackets & Coats

Create a versatile winter wardrobe with our range stylish women's jackets & coats! Buy women's coats in-store & online at Harris Scarfe today.

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Shop Stylish Jackets And Coats For Women At Harris Scarfe

Add a finishing touch to your outfit or make a statement with our collection of jackets and coats for women, perfect for the chilly outdoors. Whether it's a long coat or Sherpa jacket, our range of outerwear is perfect to wear on its own or layered with a jumper, scarf, and accessories. Our jackets will ensure you stay warm if you feel the winter chill. Made in various colours, styles, and materials, Harris Scarfe's coats and jackets for women are a must-have in your wardrobe.

Why Invest In Women's Coats And Jackets?

Women's coats and jackets are essential to any wardrobe, providing protection from the elements and offering a unique fashion statement. Investing in quality pieces can be a great way to ensure that your look lasts for years and save money in the long run. Quality coats and jackets are durable, especially those offering water-resistant fabrics and breathable materials that can make all the difference when the weather turns cold. Shop outerwear like women's jackets and coats at Harris Scarfe to add style, sophistication and practicality to any ensemble.

A Massive Variety Of Ladies' Jackets And Coats

Leading fashion labels make our women's coats and jackets, like Khoko, Jayson Brunson, Leona Edmiston, Mountain Ridge, Jane Lamerton and more. These are available in standard and plus sizes. You have choices galore from warm women's puffer jackets, coats, blazers, fur coats, peacoats, trench coats and much more, offering a series of fits depending on your needs. Ideal for everyday wear and occasion-specific outfits - our collection offers you warmth and versatility. For those that love staying active in winter, our collection of women's puffer jackets will ensure your body temperature stays constant while exercising. To find your perfect jacket, come in-store or visit Harris Scarfe online.

Women's Jackets & Coats Faq's

What are the most popular styles of ladies' coats and jackets?

The most popular styles of ladies' coats and jackets include:

  • Trench coats: A classic style that is versatile and suitable for all seasons.
  • Parka coats: A warm and casual style that is perfect for cold weather.
  • Puffer jackets & coats: A trendy and practical style that is great for insulation.
  • Denim jackets: Are a casual and versatile style worn with any outfit.
  • Wrap coats: A classic style that is perfect for layering and adds an elegant touch to any outfit.
  • Bomber jackets: A trendy and sporty style that can be dressed up or down.

What materials are typically used for ladies' coats and jackets?

Several materials are commonly used for ladies' coats and jackets, including:

  • Wool: A natural and durable warm, insulating and water-resistant material.
  • Down: A lightweight and insulating material often used in puffer coats.
  • Polyester: A synthetic and durable material often used in parkas and puffer coats.
  • Nylon: Is a lightweight and waterproof material often used in raincoats and windbreakers.
  • Faux Fur: A synthetic and animal-friendly material often used as a lining or trim on coats and jackets.
  • Cotton: A natural and breathable material often used in denim jackets and utility-style coats.
  • Acrylic: Materials that combine several synthetic fibres to create a durable and insulating fabric, often used in parkas, puffers and other winter coats.

How can I tell if a woman's coat or jacket will fit me?

There are several ways to determine if a ladies' coat or jacket will fit you:

  • Check the size chart: Harris Scarfe provides a size chart that lists the measurements for each size. Compare your measurements with the chart to find the best size.
  • Look at the product details: Pay attention to the fit, cut and style of the coat or jacket, as these can affect how it will fit. For example, a fitted coat will have a closer fit than a relaxed fit coat.
  • Try it on: If possible, try the coat or jacket before purchasing it to ensure a good fit.
  • Check for adjustability: Some coats and jackets have adjustable features, such as cinching at the waist or adjustable cuffs, which can help to create a better fit.
  • Check the return policy: Before purchasing, check the store's return policy in case the coat or jacket doesn't fit as you expected.
  • Read reviews: Check customer reviews to see if others have found the coat or jacket to run big or small or if they have any other comments on the fit.

It is important to note that different brands may have different measurements and size scales, and even the same brand may have variations within its product line, so it is important to check the size chart or try it on if possible.

Shop The Full Range Of Women's Clothing For Every Season At Harris Scarfe

In addition to coats and jackets, you can choose from our huge collection of women's clothing, including women's jumpers, women's cardigans, women's dresses, women's sweaters, and women's denim, to keep you warm and stylish throughout the colder months. For inspiration around smart office dressing for women during the winter, our Fashion Hub offers many tips and advice. Invest in the perfect women's winter coat, and let designer Leona Edmiston tell you how. For more fashion tips and advice, stay tuned to our Fashion Hub and head to our women's coats & jackets buying guide for more buying advice. Shop our range of jackets and other women's clothing from leading brands including Stella, Jayson Brundson, Khoko Collection, and more today.