Kitchen Appliances

We’re known for kitchen appliances that will make cooking dinner a breeze! At Harris Scarfe we know how important it is to have the right tools in the kitchen, so we’ve stocked all your favourite kitchen appliances in one place. Now’s the time to upgrade your coffee maker, experiment in your air fryer and discover the beauty of a bread maker. If you need a new kitchen appliance, then we have what you’re looking for.

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What kitchen appliances do you need?

Finding the right kitchen appliance is easy with Harris Scarfe. Our range includes slow cookers, bread makers, microwave ovens and food processors to help you make delicious easy meals. Discover the many benefits of an air fryer and make flavoursome, healthy smoothies with our juicers & blenders.

Start your day right with our coffee makers and electric coffee grinder options, which give you the perfect cup every time.

Shop your favourite brands for kitchen appliances, such as Breville, at Harris Scarfe.

Make healthy meals in your air fryer, sandwich press and food dehydrator

Air Fryers are the perfect addition to your kitchen, giving you a healthier alternative to deep frying in oil. Your air fryer uses hot air to cook your food instead of heavy oils and fats. Unlike your oven though, your air fryer will give your food a crispy 'fried' taste, guilt-free!

Get creative in the kitchen with our range of snack makers and sandwich presses, giving you healthy lunch options that are easy to set up and clean. Order your kitchen appliances today, in-store or online.

Be inspired by our food dehydrators and steamers, making healthy snacks at the touch of a button. Dehydrated foods keep their nutritional value so it's easy to make homemade options of all your favourite snacks, including dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

Vacuum sealers and kitchen aids

Our premium range of vacuum sealers will keep your food fresh and crisp, perfect for storing or freezing food. Take a look at our different kitchen aid options, including everything you'll need to set up your machine and various vacuum sealer bags.

Matching toasters and tea kettles to give your kitchen appliances a fresh look

Keep your kitchen decor updated with our new toaster and tea kettle options. Our styles include matching designs, vibrant colours and quality brands that you can trust. Sometimes all your kitchen needs for a fresh look is having your kitchen appliances on display to add character and style. The only trouble you'll have is working out which colour scheme to choose! If you like to keep it neutral, try one of our electric glass kettles to add a little sophistication to your space.

Take a look at our collection online or visit us in-store to find out more.