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Make mealtime colourful and easy with the range of kids’ cutlery sets from Harris Scarfe. Shop kids’ cutlery sets specially made for little hands and mouths.

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Shop Metal & Melamine Cutlery Featuring Fun Designs For Kids

Learning to eat without making a mess is a foundational part of growing up. Make this process fun as well as safe for your little one with the fantastic range of children's cutlery available at Harris Scarfe. Our selection of kids' cutlery is ergonomically designed for use by small hands, helping your child to feel at ease and included at mealtime. They also feature an array of kid-friendly and fun designs to help make breakfast, lunch and dinner more exciting.

Benefits Of Children's Cutlery

There are many benefits to providing kid-friendly cutlery to your child at mealtimes. Dinnerware designed for children is often constructed from materials such as food-safe plastics like melamine, or stainless steel metals. These materials are much more durable than standard dishes made from porcelain or ceramic. This means any accidental bumps or spills are much less likely to result in chips and breaks, making these types of dinnerware much safer for use by children. Children's cutlery is also constructed to be less sharp for added safety. Standard cutlery is designed for use by adults, which often results in the handle of that fork or spoon being too large and heavy for small children to use correctly. This can result in frustration for the little one and a less enjoyable mealtime for all. Kids' cutlery solves this issue by offering purpose-made utensils, designed for easy & comfortable use by children.

Discover Leading Brands For Kids Cutlery At Harris Scarfe

You might be wondering how to choose kids' cutlery to best suit your little one. At Harris Scarfe, we stock a great range of utensils and bowls for children from trusted brands, including kids' cutlery sets. Stanley Rogers offers a whimsical range of full cutlery sets featuring fun characters, such as dinosaurs, sea animals, and Australian animals. You may also wish to shop the Bunnykins range of simple cutlery sets that showcase adorable, nostalgic designs such as hearts and stars.

Kids Cutlery FAQ

At what age can children use cutlery?

The age at which a child can begin to use cutlery will of course depend on the individual - everyone learns at a different pace! Generally speaking, many children can begin to explore using cutlery around 18 months to 2 years old, but it may take a while for them to become proficient. This is why it's recommended to start with child-sized utensils that are easy to hold, as well as blunt to prevent injury. As your little ones grow and develop their fine motor skills and coordination, they can gradually start using sharper utensils.

How do I teach a child to use a knife and fork?

It's best to introduce utensils and cutlery to a child when they start to show interest in using them. Many children will naturally gain a desire to learn how to perform more tasks independently over time, including eating with a knife and fork. There is no one-fits-all solution to teaching a child how to use cutlery since this will depend on the individual. Having said this, starting with child-sized utensils and gradually progressing through soft and hard foods is always recommended. If your child has a favourite character or theme that they love, allowing them to pick out their favourite design of cutlery will also help to make the process feel more fun and interactive!

Once your child has become more comfortable with using their own cutlery, you can start to introduce them to other types of kid-friendly dinnerware. Teaching your child to use tableware such as glassware and the correct use of napery promotes great table manners from a young age, and is incredibly helpful for preventing accidents or injuries.

Make Mealtime A Joy With Harris Scarfe

Introduce your child to cutlery & utensils in a fun and safe way with help from Harris Scarfe. If you're looking to refresh your own dinnerware, take a look at our tableware and table linen buying guides for more information on the best materials and brands available. We also have a fabulous range of recipes and tips for mealtime on our Food Hub that are also kid-friendly. Shop online or in-store today for more great deals on quality kids' dinnerware and accessories.