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Heated Throw Blankets: Cost-Efficient Cosiness For The Colder Months

With electricity costs on the rise, finding money-saving solutions to staying cosy in winter has become a priority for many households. While using the right bedding for the season can certainly help, investing in a heated throw blanket is one of the best ways to beat the winter chill. At Harris Scarfe, we sell the best electric blankets and heated throw blankets for winter from trusted brands such as Gainsborough, Soren, Elysian and Tontine. Shop online or in-store today to find the best heated throw blankets in Australia that will keep you warm and help to reduce your heating bill.

Benefits Of Using a Heated Throw Blanket

Heated throw blankets are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to save money but still stay warm throughout the winter months. Here are some of the most notable benefits of investing in a heated throw:

  • Improved sleep quality: Studies have shown that using a heated blanket can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly throughout the night. This is because the heat helps to relax your muscles and promotes a sense of calmness. Use a heated throw over your normal doona for lightweight warmth.
  • Reduced pain: The heat from a heated blanket can help to relieve pain from conditions such as arthritis, muscle cramps, and back pain. This is because the heat helps to increase blood flow to the affected area, which can help to reduce inflammation and pain. Use your heated throw when relaxing on the couch to reduce pain associated with cold weather.
  • Promotes circulation: The heat from a heated blanket can help to improve circulation by causing your blood vessels to dilate. This can help to reduce the risk of developing blood clots and other circulatory problems.
  • Energy savings: If you're looking to save on heating costs, a heated throw blanket can be a cost-effective alternative. Instead of cranking up the heater for an entire room, you can use a heated throw blanket to warm yourself directly.
  • Convenient and portable: Heated throw blankets are more lightweight than your standard electric blanket, making them easy to move around and a convenient option for use in various settings. You can easily take it with you when travelling or use it to warm up specific areas of your body, such as your hands or feet.

Heated Throw Blanket FAQs

What is a heated throw?

A heated throw is a blanket that is electrically heated. It is typically made of soft, plush fabric, such as fleece, and has a built-in heating element.

How to wash a heated throw blanket?

To wash a heated throw blanket, unplug it and disconnect the power cord. Check the care instructions to see if it can be machine-washed. If so, fill the washer with cold water and a mild detergent, and set it to the delicate cycle. Rinse the blanket in cold water after the cycle is complete, and lay it flat to dry. Do not put it in the dryer.

How much electricity does a heated throw blanket use?

The amount of electricity a heated throw blanket uses can vary depending on the size of the blanket, the temperature setting, and the duration of use. On average, however, a typical heated throw blanket uses between 50 and 200 watts of electricity. The exact amount of electricity usage can be found in the user manual provided by the manufacturer.

Heated throw vs electric blanket

The difference is that a heated throw is a loose throw blanket that can be used on top of your bed or couch, whereas a traditional electric blanket includes a skirt that is designed to fit over a mattress and sleep on top of.

Shop The Best Brands For Electric Blankets & Heated Throws At Harris Scarfe

If you're keen to jump on the latest winter trend of heated throw blankets, look no further than the range at Harris Scarfe. If you're looking for more traditional styles of heated blankets, check out the electric blankets buying guide. The guide provides information on the best electric blankets in Australia, how to use an electric blanket, and how to put an electric blanket on your bed. For more tips on staying warm this winter without breaking the bank, be sure to visit our Home hub.