How to build the perfect warm winter bed

How to build the perfect warm winter bed

Winter is officially on the way and the nights are getting colder, so it's the perfect time to give your bedroom a makeover and build yourself a warm winter bed. We've put together this guide to help you choose everything from the warmest blankets to the best quilts for winter, so you can get a good nights' sleep when the mercury drops. But be warned - if you're successful in creating the toastiest winter bed around, getting up in the morning and braving the cold is going to become just that little bit harder!

Step 1: Choose a quality quilt

The most important building block of a cosy bed is the quilt. Wool quilts are the best quilts for winter if you tend to get sweaty in bed or suffer from hay fever, as they're breathable and naturally hypoallergenic, and help you to regulate your body temperature. Another benefit of wool is that it's machine washable, making it a great choice for the kids' beds.

To choose the perfect winter quilt you need to look at the weight, which is measured in grams per square metre (gsm) - the higher the gsm, the warmer the quilt. If you live in a colder climate such as Melbourne or Hobart, you'll want to look for a quilt with a higher gsm, like this 500gsm heavy weight one from Tontine, while those living in Brisbane or Darwin may be able to get away with a lower gsm quilt year-round, such as this 300gsm Bas Philips quilt.

Feather or down quilts are another popular choice. Elysian's feather and down quilt has been made with a combination of 85% goose own and 15% feathers, and has been treated to prevent asthma and allergies, so it's perfect if you're a cold sleeper or prone to winter coughs and sniffles.

Step 2: Invest in an underlay

Invest in an underlay

Having a quality quilt is a good start, but adding a woollen underlay will really supercharge your winter bedding setup, insulating you on top and bottom for maximum heat retention. This 550gsm woollen underlay from Jason is reversible, so it's super-snuggly for winter and can be flipped over when the weather warms up. The fitted skirt helps it stay put on the bed, and it can even be machine washed and tumble dried.

You can also add an electric blanket for even more heat. A multi-zone electric blanket like this one by Elysian is a great option for couples who have different temperature preferences.

Step 3: Layer up

Adding extra layers to your bed can really boost the cosiness factor, and the great thing about layers is that they're easy to take on and off to customise your space, without having to re-make the entire bed. For example, if you tend to feel the cold but hubby is a hot sleeper, you could pop a mink blanket on your side of the bed only.

Mink blankets are wonderfully versatile blankets for winter - not only can you use them to create a warn bed, they're also great as throws for the couch or as makeshift forts for the kids. Bas Philips has mink blankets in a gorgeous range of colours to suit any bedroom, and the 400gsm fabric will keep you toasty on even the coldest nights.

Step 4: Slip on a Snoogie

When the temperature really plummets and you're frozen to the bone, there's only one thing for it… it's time to unleash the Snoogie! Odyssey Living's adult Snoogie is made from 230gsm flannel and 200gsm sherpa lining and is machine washable, so it's easy to keep clean. It's like wearing your warmest blankets, and it's a great way to save on your energy bills, as you're heating yourself rather than the entire house. Snoogies are perfect for reading or bingeing Netflix in bed, and we've even spotted mums wearing them on the sidelines while watching the kids play sport!

Find the perfect pillow

Find the perfect pillow

Winter is the perfect time to upgrade your old, grubby pillows to something more luxurious and comfortable. Did you know you should be replacing your pillows at least every year or two? That's because, over time, your pillows absorb all kinds of nasty stuff such as dead skin cells, sweat, and makeup - not to mention those dreaded dust mites! If you can't remember when you last bought new pillows, it's probably a sign that yours are due for retirement!

Replacing your pillows will give you better head and neck support and make your sleep space more hygienic. Nowadays there's a pillow designed for just about everything - memory foam to prevent neck pain, cooling gel for hot sleepers, and anti-allergy for asthma and hay fever sufferers.

Ready to build a warm winter bed before the cold sets in? Check out our range of quilts, underlays, blankets and Snoogies online or in-store now at Harris Scarfe.