Men's Hankies

For men who care about their personal hygiene, Harris Scarfe's range of handkerchiefs is perfect for you! Shop our modern hankies online or in-store.

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You'll never know when you need one, so don't get caught out when you do. A good handkerchief not only helps you clean your nose when you need to, but it is also a sign that a man cares about his personal hygiene. Designed for the modern man, our range of hankies is the ideal pocket companion for when your nose starts running.

Our hankies are made from pure cotton, which is one of the best materials. Not only does it breathe better than other materials, but it is also soft and won't irritate your nose. Whether you suffer from allergies or just want to be sure you have one available, a handkerchief should be part of every man's day.

There is no worse feeling than having to cover your nose when it starts to run, and you have no way of getting rid of it. To avoid this embarrassment, Harris Scarfe has a great selection of hankies to choose from.

Match Them with Your Outfit

Just like a watch or a pair of socks, you can match your hanky with your outfit that meets your personal style. Made by Seward, these handkerchiefs have an elegant design that will match any professional or casual look. Available in packs of 3, 6 or 13 (baker's dozen) and with stripe patterns, blow your nose in style.

It is something simple, yet it is something too many men often seem to neglect. Which is why our range of handkerchiefs are a must-have accessory for any man to carry with him wherever he goes. Just like your phone, wallet or car keys, don't leave your home without a handkerchief in your pocket.