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Anolon cookware

Known for pioneering the anodised non-stick pan in 1986, Anolon Australia has continued to provide consumers with thoughtfully designed cookware to suit hobby and professional cooks alike. Shop your favourite Anolon cookware online or in-store at Harris Scarfe!

Why should I buy Anolon cookware?

Created with quality supplies for use by professional chefs, Anolon non-stick cookware is free from harmful chemicals and PFOA, and is safe for everyday use in your kitchen. Anolon frypans, skillets and other cookware are created to the highest standard. They have a lifetime guarantee, meaning each quality piece is durable enough to be passed on to family members.

All Anolon frypans, skillets and woks are oven safe, offering more versatility and greater ways to cook than just the stovetop! This feature also extends to Anolon saucepans and pots, plus all are treated with a non-stick application that makes cleaning up even the stubbornest of messes a breeze.

What Anolon cookware can I find at Harris Scarfe?

At Harris Scarfe, we stock Anolon cookware sets as well as individual pieces you can add to your own homeware collection. We have individual Anolon frypans, skillets and grill plates available, each designed with ergonomic handles, an even-heating body and a dishwasher-safe coating.

What is the difference between a frypan and a skillet?

While many people use these terms interchangeably, a skillet is usually a few inches deeper than a frypan and often comes with a matching lid. Frypans are shallow and will never have a lid, and are designed for cooking food to be browned off or seared.

Harris Scarfe also has several Anolon cookware sets for you to choose from, from three pan sets to comprehensive seven-piece collections.

You can create everything with Anolon cookware, from slow-cooked stews and soups to tangy curries and stir-fries. Check out Harris Scarfe's food hub for delicious recipes you can make at home!

Find the right Anolon cookware at Harris Scarfe

You can find the Anolon cookware you need online at Harris Scarfe, available for home delivery or click and collect pickup. Alternatively, head to your local Harris Scarfe and our friendly team will be happy to help you find the right Anolon cookware for your kitchen.

Fill out your kitchen with more frypans and saucepans at Harris Scarfe, as well as heaps of other high-quality cookware. You can check out our cookware buying guide for advice on what cookware is best for you, and don't forget to have a read of our online hub for great homeware ideas, recipes and information!