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Make The Best Juices, Smoothies & More with NutriBullet

NutriBullet is one of the most trusted brands for personal blenders and juicers, with millions of happy and healthy customers globally. NutriBullet utilises innovative technology in their appliances that allow for maximum extraction of nutrients from fruits and vegetables by breaking them down at a molecular level. Read on to find out how NutriBullet sets itself apart from other household blenders. Also, find out how to use a NutriBullet (with tips on how to clean & care for it correctly!) and how to choose the best NutriBullet from Harris Scarfe based on your needs.

How To Use A NutriBullet

Make the best smoothies & juices packed full of nutrition with minimal effort! Here are some basic tips on how to use and care for your NutriBullet:

1. Prepare NutriBullet and choose your cup size

Plug your NutriBullet in for use on a flat surface. Some NutriBullets include multiple cups within their accessories, and you may also purchase these additionally. Choose your preferred cup based on the desired serving size. For example, the NutriBullet 1000 Series provides two cup-size options, 500ml and 900ml capacities.

2. Add ingredients & liquid

Add your favourite combination of chopped fruits, veggies & your choice of liquid. We recommend adding leafy ingredients first, followed by solids such as fruits or seeds, and liquids last. If you need recipe inspiration for your NutriBullet Juicer, check out our list of 10 amazing juice combos to make at home.

3. Blend, blend, blend!

Once you've built your perfect juice or smoothie, secure the extractor blade onto your cup & lock it into the motor base. 30 to 60 seconds of blending should be enough to reach the perfect consistency.

Tip: If any ingredients become stuck in the blade or the cup, remove it from the motor base and shake it before screwing it back to get things moving again.

4. Enjoy at home or on the go

Once your creation has been blended to your liking, you can drink it straight from the cup or use the provided lid to secure the contents and enjoy it at work, school, the gym, or wherever the day may take you.

5. How to clean your NutriBullet

Washing your NutriBullet cups in the dishwasher on the top rack is safe. The blade must be carefully hand-washed using hot water and a sponge. Don't remove the gaskets from the blade. If the motor base requires cleaning, ensure it is unplugged first. Hand-clean with a cloth or a toothbrush with warm, soapy water.

Which NutriBullet Is The Best?

  • NutriBullet Blender 900 Series: The NutriBullet 900 is known to be one of the best-performing all-rounders for personal blenders. They are 50% more powerful than the NutriBullet 600 base model, with improved consistency and results, at a great price point.
  • NutriBullet Blender 1000 Series: If you're looking for one of the highest-performing NutriBullets on the market, the 1000 series model may be the choice for you. Compared to the NutriBullet 900, it boasts more high-tech features. You will love the performance of the cyclonic motor, which is quiet yet incredibly powerful.

Choosing The Best NutriBullet Products at Harris Scarfe

NutriBullet has become a staple kitchen appliance in homes all over the world and for good reason! It is a versatile blender that can make more than just juices and smoothies. If you wish to explore the range of blending options offered at Harris Scarfe, be sure to check out our blender buying guide for a comprehensive summary. Shop online or in-store and make the most of Harris Scarfe's deals and discounts. For the aspiring culinary artist, our Food hub also features an array of mouthwatering recipes & useful kitchen tips.