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What different types of shavers are there?

On average, men spend over 3,000 hours of their lives in front of the mirror shaving. That means it's crucial to buy an electric shaver that works well for your skin and hair type.

A foil shaver is best for sensitive skin and finer facial hair. This is because it gives a very close shave that's perfect for those who shave often and like precision.

A rotary shaver is best for thicker facial hair. It's tougher than a foil shaver but doesn't shave as closely. A rotary men's shaver is an excellent choice if you don't shave every day.

Can I use an electric shaver with shaving cream?

Both foil and rotary men's shavers work well with shaving cream. In fact, using cream will give you a much closer shave, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean as a bonus.

Keep your beard neat and tidy with a beard trimmer

Beards are becoming more popular. The right beard style can add sophistication and maturity to your look or strike the perfect balance between ruggedness and respectable polish.

Keep your beard looking the way you want it to with one of our efficient, easy-to-use beard trimmers. Perhaps take a look at the Remington B5 with its self-sharpening titanium blades or the Remington Cutting Edge with stainless steel blades.

What about hair trimmers?

We also offer a range of body hair trimmers to maintain the hair on more delicate areas of your body, including your eyebrows, nose and even ears.

What should I use to shave my head?

If you're shaving the hair on your head, our hair clippers and grooming sets are ideal. Suitable for both adults and kids, they come in a variety of different comb lengths to suit your style.

Should I use a beard trimmer or a men's shaver?

If you want to maintain your beard or moustache, a beard trimmer will help you keep it tidy. If you prefer to go clean-shaven, a men's electric shaver will give you a close shave.

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