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Add Style And Comfort To Your Bedding With Quilt Covers

Also referred to as doona or duvet covers, our range of quilt cover sets come in a variety of sizes, colours and fabrics so you can find the best match for your bedroom decor. Whether you're looking for a super king quilt cover or a simple white quilt cover in a king single size, at Harris Scarfe, we believe that if you're going to spend over a third of your life sleeping you should sleep in style!

How Do I Choose The Best Quilt Cover For My Bed?

There are many factors to be considered when searching for your perfect quilt cover set. Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Size: It's essential to match the duvet or cover to your actual quilt size. This will ensure your quilt doesn't move around too much inside the quilt cover, and ensure it looks neat and tidy on your bed.

Pro tip - upsize your quilt and quilt cover: Upsize your quilt and quilt cover set from your mattress size for a luxurious aesthetic. For example, a covered queen size quilt cover and quilt looks fabulous on a double bed - and offers even more coverage for a cosy sleeping experience!

  • Fabric or material: When it comes to quilt cover materials, this often depends on personal preferences and the season as well. Some fabrics work better in summer, such as cotton for better breathability during hot nights. Flannelette quilt covers, on the other hand, will keep you warmer in winter.
  • Match with your existing bed linen: Choose a quilt cover set that will coordinate your existing bed linen including your sheet sets and pillowcases. A common preference is to select plain sheets with patterned quilt covers, but let your creativity guide you! Selecting a theme or colour palette can help narrow down your styling options, too. Check out our guide on styling beds for some great tips and tricks!

Quilt Cover Sets FAQs

What is a quilt cover set?

A quilt cover set contains both a quilt cover and matching standard pillowcase(s). Typically, single and king single sets contain one matching pillowcase, whereas double, queen, king and super king sets will contain two. For an elevated look and additional comfort, choose to add a european pillow to your bed and coordinate with a matching european pillowcase.

How to put a quilt cover on?

The tried-and-true method for getting a duvet inside its cover involves turning the quilt cover inside out and laying it atop the quilt. Then, with your hands inside the cover, grab the quilt's two top corners and flip it right side over the quilt. Fasten to secure the quilt inside and you're done!

How to stop a quilt moving in cover?

Quilts or duvets will often slip around inside the cover if the fit is not correct - so ensure the side lengths of your quilt are correctly oriented with the dimensions of your quilt cover. Some quilt covers also come with handy ties that help to secure the quilt into each cover corner.

What Other Bedroom Products Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

Harris Scarfe has all of your bedding and bed linen needs covered:

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  • Pillows: With a range of options suited for any sleeping style, you can find latex pillows, wool pillows, foam pillows and more. Combine with a pillow protector to keep everything fresh and hygienic.
  • Mattress Toppers, Mattress Protectors and Mattress Underlays: Add extra comfort to your sleep routine and keep laundering to the minimum with a great range of add-ons for your mattress.
  • Cushions & Accessories: Coordinate your bed linen and bedding with Harris Scarfe's fabulous selection of decorative cushions, throw blankets and storage accessories.
  • Kids' Bed Linen: Don't forget about the Kids room! Harris Scarfe has a huge selection of kids' quilt covers and kids bed sheets that will add a colourful and practical touch to any room.

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