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Discover Quality Bed Sheet Sets For Every Bed Size At Harris Scarfe

The right bed linen ensures that you are cosy and comfortable so you can get the best night's sleep. Sheet sets are bed linen essentials, and at Harris Scarfe, we have a huge selection of quality sheet sets at great prices for you and your family. Choose from a range of materials, colours, weaves and thread counts across a range of bed sizes.

We have cotton percale sheet sets for a crisp, matte finish to your dressed bed, as well as sateen sheet sets that offer a smooth and slightly lustrous sleeping surface. Whether you're looking for a linen sheet set, bamboo sheet set, cotton sheet set or a floral sheet set in any material, you're sure to find it in Harris Scarfe's extensive sheet sets range!

What Is A Sheet Set?

Harris Scarfe's premium-quality sheet sets include a fitted sheet and a flat sheet, as well as matching standard-size pillowcases. A single or king single sheet set will include one matching pillowcase, whereas a queen sheet set or king sheet set will include two matching pillowcases to complete the look. Remember:

  • A fitted bed sheet (or bottom sheet) has an elastic edge so you can easily secure it to your mattress for a snug fit. We recommend placing your fitted sheet over a mattress protector for added peace of mind and comfort.
  • A flat bed sheet (or top sheet) then lies over the fitted sheet, usually tucked under the mattress at the end and sides to keep it in place. This creates an extra layer of comfort between you and your quilt cover, coverlet or comforter, as well as helping to keep the top layer clean.

For those who prefer to sleep without a flat sheet on their bed, you can opt for a fitted sheet set - also referred to as sheet combos. Fitted sheet sets include just the base fitted sheet and matching pillowcases.

Sheet Sets FAQs

Why choose a flannelette sheet set?

Flannelette is a type of fabric construction made from natural cotton fibres. The surface of the fabric is brushed to create a soft and fuzzy surface texture that's cosy and warm. Flannelette bed linen is ideal for the colder months, and at Harris Scarfe you can find both flannelette sheet sets and flannelette quilt cover sets to keep you warm and toasty.

What are the benefits of a bamboo sheet set?

Sheets and bed linen made from bamboo fibres are soft against the skin with a smooth, silky surface texture. Choose a bamboo sheet set for great benefits including breathability, absorbency, and natural cooling qualities. Bamboo textiles are naturally hygienic, and depending on their construction and quality can also offer antibacterial and hypoallergenic benefits for your sleeping comfort.

Is a 1000-thread count sheet set the best quality?

Thread count is one measure of the quality and construction of bed linen. It refers to the number of threads per square inch of woven material. The higher the thread count, the denser the fabric due to the closeness of the weave. This can also mean that high thread count sheets can be less breathable - so if you're a warm sleeper choose a lower thread count for the openness of the construction. Keep in mind that the quality of the fibres will also factor into the comfort and finish of your sheet sets too, so thread count is just one of many considerations to account for when choosing the best bed linen.

What are the different types of cotton sheet sets?

Cotton is the most common type of fibre used in the construction of bed linen and bed sheet sets. It can come in many types and constructions - for example, Egyptian cotton sheet sets and Pima cotton sheet sets, which both refer to the variety of cotton used. There are also cotton sateen sheet sets and jersey cotton sheet sets, which are named for the woven and knitted material construction types respectively. Finally, there are cotton blends, where other fibres are combined with cotton for durability or ease of washing - for example, polyester cotton sheet sets which many also refer to as a cotton-rich sheet set.

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