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Sheet sets are essential for every bed in your home. Discover quality bed sheet sets in a huge variety of colours, sizes & styles at Harris Scarfe.

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What's Included In A Bed Sheet Set?

All of our premium-quality sheet sets include a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. They also include one pillowcase for single or king-single bed sheet sets and two pillowcases for double, queen or king-size sets.

A fitted bed sheet (or bottom sheet) has an elastic edge so you can easily secure it to your mattress for a snug fit. A fitted sheet's non-standard shape can make it notoriously difficult to fold, but the effort is worth it to help keep your mattress clean. We recommend placing your fitted sheet over a mattress protector for added peace of mind and comfort.

A flat bed sheet (or top sheet) then lies over the fitted sheet, usually tucked under the mattress at the end and sides to keep it in place. This creates an extra layer of comfort between you and your quilt cover, coverlet or comforter, as well as helping to keep the top layer clean. Finally, each bed sheet set includes either one or two matching pillowcases to complete the look.

What Does Thread Count Mean For Sheet Sets?

'Thread count' is the total number of threads, both horizontal and vertical, per square inch of fabric. Up to a point, higher thread count bed sheets are softer and are considered a premium option. However, because lower thread count sheets have fewer fibres per square inch, they may be more breathable during the summer months. All of our bedding sets have been quality checked to ensure you can buy with the highest confidence. If you're looking for more tips, then check out how you can easily create your own cosy haven at Harris Scarfe!

Choosing The Best Bed Sheet For You

Choosing the right sheet sets is all about comfort. Design is important, but your bedsheets are less visible than other bed linen, so the right option is more about how they feel to sleep in. Our premium sheet sets come in a range of colours, patterns and thread counts, in fabrics that include Egyptian cotton, bamboo blend, pure cotton, flannelette and jersey cotton.

What Else Can I Find In The Bedding Range at Harris Scarfe?

Kid's bed linen: our massive kid's bed linen range features cute novelty cushions, throws, quilts, sheet sets and much more.

Pillows: no matter what type of sleeper you are, you will find the exact type of pillow you need for a great night's sleep in our huge range of pillows.

Quilts: whether you call it a quilt, doona or duvet, our massive range of quilts has everything you need to keep warm at night.

Cushions and accessories: our extensive range of cushions and accessories features a wide selection of different fabrics, styles, colours and designs that will perfectly suit any home.

Towels and bathroom: featuring a huge selection of quality hand towels, bath towels, toilet roll holders, brush holders and more, you'll find everything you need in our towels and bathroom range.

Pillowcases: if you need extra pillow covers in complementary colours or designs, we're sure you'll find what you need in our comprehensive range of pillowcases.

Find the Right Bed Sheet Sets at Harris Scarfe

We know that sometimes, you don't need a full bed sheet set, so we also offer a wide variety of both flat and fitted sheets and combo sheet sets individually as well. If you need more help making the right choice, then check out our guide on what to look for when buying linen homewares.

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