At Harris Scarfe, it’s easy to find everything you need to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Our huge range of cookware sets includes big-name brands including Scanpan, Maxwell & Williams, Tefal, Pyrex and many more. From cast iron cookware, pots and pans to roasters, ovenware and more, we’ve got all your cookware and ovenware needs covered.

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What Cookware & Ovenware is Available at Harris Scarfe?

High-quality ovenware and cookware are a kitchen must-have, and we offer a range of options to suit every budget at Harris Scarfe.

Cast Iron Cookware

Known for their versatility, durability and heat retention, cast iron pots and pans help to enhance the flavour of your meal. Popularised in European and Asian cooking, our cast iron cookware range is ideal for making delicious casseroles, stews as well as slow-cooked meats and vegetables.


From potato bakes and lasagne to casseroles and roast veggies, our ovenware range is perfect for cooking your favourite comfort foods. Whether you prefer porcelain, borosilicate glass or classic lidded casserole dishes, our extensive range ensures you'll find the perfect ovenware for all your needs.


Everybody loves a Sunday roast, and our wide range of roasters means you don't have to limit them to just one day of the week. Using a roasting pan is as easy as placing your meat in the middle, surrounding it with selected veggies, then popping the whole lot in the oven. Bonus points for roasters with racks!

Cookware Sets

Are you tired of cooking with a random assortment of pots and pans that have mismatched lids and missing pieces? It's time to clean out your cupboards and replace your haphazard collection with our sleek range of cookware sets. Not only do our sets look great, but their compatibility makes cooking a breeze.

Frypans & Woks

Our huge range of frypans and woks are designed for all your frying needs. From stainless-steel frying pans to skillets, grill pans, covered woks and more, our quality range is perfect for frying up a storm in the kitchen.

Saucepans & Stockpots

Whether you enjoy making delicious sauces, hearty soups, steaming vegetables or more, our fantastic range of saucepans and stockpots has all your needs covered. Our range features steamer sets, stainless-steel stockpots, milkpans, saute pans and much more from major brands such as Bialetti, Smith & Nobel and Bluestone.

Tips For Keeping Your Cookware Organised

Organising your cookware or ovenware (and keeping it that way) can be difficult. Here are some hacks for when kitchen space is at a premium:

Make the most of your wall or ceiling space: install a pot rail to hang your pots and pans from. You can run it along your kitchen wall, a window frame or the ceiling.

Think vertical storage: a vertical pot rack can be an excellent space-saver and a simple way to elevate your kitchen space.

Try going mobile: store your cookware on a wheeled, multi-tier trolley. If you don't have room for it in your kitchen, keep it elsewhere and simply roll it in when needed.

Find the Right Cookware Sets & Ovenware at Harris Scarfe

Whatever type of cookware and ovenware you're looking for, we have something that's just right at Harris Scarfe. Explore our range and find what you're looking for today.

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