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Cook up delicious stew, stock and soup with our quality cooking pots at Harris Scarfe. Shop cooking pots for the perfect cooking experience at home.

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Shop Quality Cooking Pots For Easy Boiling, Simmering and Cooking at Harris Scarfe

Reliable cooking pots are your ticket to consistent results in the kitchen. Cooking pots are essential for every home cook, they are super versatile and useful for a range of meals. From humble soups and sauces to larger broths, pasta and casseroles, the options are endless when you have the right cooking pot for your needs. Let's explore the range of cooking pots at Harris Scarfe, demystifying the types, sizes, materials, and brands that define exceptional cookware.

What Are The Best Types of Cooking Pots?

  • Casserole Pots: Casserole pots, characterised by their deep and wide construction, are essential kitchen tools tailored for long, slow cooking and simmering. Their ample capacity and heat-retaining properties make them ideal for preparing casseroles, stews, and braised dishes, transforming simple ingredients into a complex combination of deep flavours.
  • Stockpots: Indispensable for large-batch cooking, stockpots at Harris Scarfe are versatile workhorses. From hearty soups to soul-warming stews and perfectly boiled pasta, these pots are a must for those who love to cook in abundance.
  • Stovetop Pressure Cookers: Experience faster cook times with Harris Scarfe's stovetop pressure cookers. Combining efficiency with safety, these cookers allow you to prepare hearty meals in a fraction of the time.
  • Dutch Ovens: Dutch ovens redefine versatility and style in your kitchen. Perfect for braising, roasting, and even baking, our range of Dutch and French ovens seamlessly transition from stovetop to oven, opening up a world of cooking techniques at your fingertips.
  • Steamers & Steamer Sets: Designed to preserve nutrients and flavours, a quality steamer or steamer set will become an essential addition to your kitchen arsenal. Practicality meets wellness in every meal.
  • Pot & Pan Cooksets: Complete your kitchen with Harris Scarfe's pot and pan cooking sets, curated for efficiency and style. From sautéing to boiling, each set provides a cohesive collection for various cooking needs.

Discover the Different Types of Cooking Pot Materials Available

Understanding the materials of your cooking pots enhances your culinary knowledge and abilities in the kitchen. Harris Scarfe's range includes pots made from stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic and more.

  • Stainless Steel Cooking Pots: Our stainless steel pots stand out for their durability and versatility. Ideal for various cooking styles, stainless steel is a reliable choice. To get the most out of your stainless steel pots, visit our guide on how to cook with stainless steel for insights tailored to this ever-popular cookware material.
  • Cast Iron Cooking Pots: Known for exceptional heat retention and even cooking, cast iron pots from Harris Scarfe are absolute workhorses in the kitchen and will last a lifetime with proper care. Consult our guide on how to care for cast iron cookware for expert tips on maintaining your cast iron pots.
  • Induction Cooking Pots: Explore the cutting-edge world of induction-friendly cooking pots. Specifically designed for induction cooktops, these pots ensure efficient and precise cooking. You can read everything you need to know about induction cookware on our hub.
  • Ceramic Cooking Pots: Discover the harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics with our ceramic pots. Known for even heat distribution and an attractive appearance, ceramic pots add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.
  • Non-Stick Cooking Pots: Experience the ease of cooking and cleaning with our nonstick-coated pots. Designed to prevent food from sticking, these pots make cooking a breeze and cleanup a snap. Harris Scarfe's non-stick pots are your allies in achieving hassle-free and enjoyable cooking sessions.

Cooking Pots FAQs

How many cooking pots do I need?

The number depends on your cooking frequency and variety. As a baseline, having a small, medium, and large cooking pot in your collection ensures versatility. Purchasing a quality cookware set will generally provide you with enough pots for most of the basics in the kitchen.

Which type of cooking pots are best?

The best pot depends on your cooking preferences. Consider the versatility of a pot based on your favourite dishes and cooking styles.

How often should you change cooking pots?

Quality cookware lasts for years. However, if you notice signs of wear, such as warping or peeling, it's time for an upgrade.

Size Matters: Small vs. Large Cooking Pots

Selecting the right size depends on your cooking habits. Harris Scarfe offers standard sizes tailored to your needs. Smaller pots are perfect for daily use, while larger pots cater to gatherings and batch cooking. Consider a mix for a well-rounded kitchen toolkit.

Shop Cooking Pots From Leading Brands Your Trust

When it comes to quality cookware, Smith+Nobel cookware stands out for its focus on aesthetics combined with durable construction, Scanpan pots and pans are renowned for their quality stainless steel construction and superior craftsmanship, while Bergner cookware is celebrated for their exceptional quality materials and attention to detail, collectively making them the leading brands in Australia. Shop online or at your nearest Harris Scarfe store to discover a huge range of quality kitchenware, cookware and cookware accessories. Don't forget to check out our cookware buying guide as well as our list of the 7 cookware essentials you need for the perfect cooking collection.