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Invest in a powerful steam station to professionally iron your clothes at home. Discover quality steam stations from leading brands at Harris Scarfe.

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Steam Stations: The Perfect Solution To Your Ironing Needs

Are you tired of spending hours ironing your clothes or struggling with stubborn wrinkles? A steam station might be the solution you need. Steam stations combine the efficiency of a garment steamer with the convenience of an iron, providing powerful bursts of steam that penetrate deep into fabrics. With their high-pressure steam and large water tank capacity, steam stations are the ideal alternative to traditional irons and handheld steamers. Say hello to effortless ironing with a steam station from Harris Scarfe's laundry range.

Steam Station FAQs

What is a Steam Station?

A steam station is a powerful appliance that combines the convenience of an iron with the efficiency of a garment steamer. It consists of a separate steam generator and an iron connected by a steam hose. The steam generator, which holds a substantial amount of water, heats the water to produce continuous, high-pressure steam. This steam is then channelled through the hose to the iron, where it is released onto your garments.

Steam Stations vs. Irons vs. Garment Steamers

While the traditional iron has its merits, steam stations offer a unique combination of features that make them stand out. Steam stations generate a consistent and powerful stream of steam, enabling effortless removal of stubborn wrinkles from various fabrics. This saves you valuable time and effort, ensuring you achieve professional results every time you iron your clothes. A significant advantage of steam station irons is that, unlike traditional irons, they don't require the use of an ironing board. The flexibility that handheld steamers offer allows users to steam bed sheets and linen as well as garments. They are also perfect for travelling.

Compared to handheld garment steamers, steam stations offer superior performance due to their higher steam pressure and larger water tank capacity. Garment steamers are ideal for quick touch-ups and delicate fabrics, but when it comes to tackling larger loads of laundry or heavy-duty fabrics, steam stations are the way to go.

Is a Steam Station worth it?

Investing in a steam station from Harris Scarfe brings a multitude of benefits to your laundry routine. Firstly, steam stations provide rapid and efficient results, cutting down ironing time significantly. The continuous steam flow penetrates deep into fabric fibres, relaxing them and eliminating creases effortlessly. This not only saves you time but also reduces the risk of burning or scorching your garments.

Moreover, steam stations offer versatility, allowing you to iron a wide range of fabrics with ease. From delicate silks to thick linens, the powerful steam output ensures optimal results across all materials. Additionally, the vertical steam function enables you to freshen up curtains, upholstery, and even suits without hassle. If you find yourself ironing and steaming a lot of clothing day-to-day, a steam station is absolutely worth it!

Tefal & Russell Hobbs: Shop Leading Brands in Household Appliances

Russell Hobbs and Tefal, two trusted brands available at Harris Scarfe, offer a range of steam stations with impressive features that cater to different needs.

  • Russell Hobbs Steam Stations: Russell Hobbs steam stations boast a generous water tank capacity of up to 1.3 litres, allowing for extended ironing sessions without frequent refills. These steam stations offer a continuous steam output of up to 130g/min, effortlessly gliding through even the most stubborn creases. The PowerSteam Ultra also features a vertical steam function, making it ideal for refreshing garments on hangers.
  • Tefal Steam Stations: Tefal steam stations are engineered for exceptional performance. Equipped with a high-pressure steam output of up to 8 bars, these steam stations generate intense steam power to smooth out even the most demanding fabrics. Some Tefal models also offer a convenient Eco Mode, reducing energy consumption without compromising performance. With a large water tank capacity and an anti-scale system, Tefal steam stations guarantee long-lasting performance and easy maintenance.

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Steam stations are a game-changer in the world of laundry care. With their powerful steam output, large water tank capacity, and versatility, they offer a superior alternative to traditional irons and garment steamers. If you are looking to elevate your ironing experience and achieve professional results effortlessly, consider investing in a steam station from Harris Scarfe. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to a smoother, more efficient laundry routine with a steam station by your side. Shop online or in-store today!