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Pressing Matters: Find The Best Irons At Harris Scarfe

Discover quality irons from Harris Scarfe made by leading brands such as Tefal and Russell Hobbs. At Harris Scarfe, we understand that ironing is not everyone's favourite household chore - but we also know that the right iron can make pressing and steaming your laundry a breeze. Our range of premium irons all includes features designed to make ironing a breeze. Explore irons with great benefits such as burst and continuous steam settings, non-stick ceramic soleplates, water tanks with generous capacities, auto-off functions and more. Choose from steam irons and classic clothes irons, cordless irons and irons with anti-calc systems from the range at Harris Scarfe. Shop easy-to-use irons online and in-store today at Harris Scarfe and enjoy the convenience that quality appliances can make to your housekeeping tasks.

Irons FAQs

How to choose the best iron

Steam irons have an easy-to-fill compartment for water, which they heat and emit as steam from holes in the ironing plate. The hot steam, combined with the flat ironing plate, quickly and easily flattens fabric and removes wrinkles in dry clothes.

If you just want to make staying on top of your never-ending ironing pile easier, a basic steam iron may be all you need. Or, if you want something more specialised to quickly de-wrinkle a garment with easily damaged fabric, a higher-tech clothes steamer or steam station may be a better option. Explore our informative irons & steamers buying guide to help you find the best appliances for your laundry day routine.

What's the best way to iron clothes?

Better ironing actually begins when you wash and dry your clothes, and following the care instructions on the label will help to reduce any wrinkles from the get-go. Once you're ready to iron, remember that different fabrics require different iron temperatures and techniques. Again, following the label instructions will help you protect your precious garments.

Other handy tips to help make ironing quicker and easier include:

  • Use white vinegar to remove any scorch stains from clothing: If the worst happens, dip a clean cloth into the vinegar and wipe it over the stain. Repeat as needed, using a clean part of the cloth each time to avoid spreading the stain.
  • Keep the plate of your iron clean: After every use, wipe the iron plate down with vinegar, baking soda or a Magic Eraser.
  • Give the steam an extra boost: For a super crisp result, supplement your iron's steam by spritzing water from a spray bottle onto your clothes as you iron them.
  • Invest in a good cover: The right ironing board makes all the difference when it comes to smooth, pressed clothes. But before you replace the whole thing, try a new ironing board cover first.

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Make ironing, steaming and pressing a breeze with the best irons from Harris Scarfe. Explore our extensive selection of laundry appliances online, where you can find irons, steam stations and garment steamers to take the hard work out of getting your favourite clothing items looking their best. Complete your laundry room refresh with handy accessories including ironing boards, ironing board covers and clothes airers from the laundry storage selection at Harris Scarfe. Shop the range of irons and accessories online to enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your order. You can also head into your nearest Harris Scarfe store to explore the range in person. HS Friends also enjoy advance sales alerts and HS Friends sale prices, so sign up for free today for all these benefits and more!