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Shop Loose Cutlery & Silverware: Individual Knives, Forks, Spoons And More

There are many considerations to make when it comes to buying the best tableware for your home. From table linen to dinner sets to cutlery, there are a lot of ways you can personalise your table setting to your preference. Varying sizes, colours, styles and materials mean that this process can be overwhelming. Buying loose cutlery and dinnerware is an excellent way to customise your dining settings, and provides peace of mind that you always have spares on hand in the event of an unexpected guest or breakage. At Harris Scarfe, we have loose forks, knives and spoons to help you build out your dream cutlery collection or a quality spare set, in just the right quantity.

Benefits Of Buying Loose Cutlery

You may already have a cutlery set that's missing a few pieces, or just need a few spares on hand for those "just in case" moments. If you're building your cutlery set from scratch, there are a number of benefits to purchasing loose cutlery pieces that you may not have considered:

  • Flexibility: Loose cutlery allows you to buy as many or as few pieces as you need. This is particularly useful if you're on a budget or have limited storage space.
  • Customisation: You can choose exactly what pieces you need, rather than being limited to a pre-set cutlery set. For example, if you need more teaspoons or salad forks, you can buy just those pieces.
  • Mix and match: If you like the look of a certain style of cutlery, but you don't like all the pieces in the set, you can buy loose pieces to create your own custom set. This is a great way to get the look you want without having to buy a whole set of cutlery you don't need.
  • Replacement: If you lose or break a piece of cutlery, it's easy to replace just that one piece when you buy loose cutlery. This is much less hassle than having to replace an entire set of cutlery just because one piece is missing.

Loose Cutlery FAQs

What are the different types of spoons?

If you're wondering about the distinction between a tablespoon vs dessert spoon, or what makes a soup spoon different from its counterparts, here is a quick summary:

  • Dessert Spoons: Designed specifically for eating desserts or cereals, dessert spoons are larger than teaspoons with around twice the capacity. They're smaller than tablespoons, and are placed above the plate or bowl in traditional table settings.
  • Table Spoons: These are the largest type of spoon used for eating, and often double up as serving spoons.
  • Soup Spoons: Distinguishable by the rounded bowl shape at the top of the spoon, soup spoons as we know them were a Victorian invention. They're a similar length to dessert spoons.
  • Tea Spoons: A common part of many teatime settings, teaspoons are small spoons that are specifically intended for stirring cups of tea, coffee, or adding sugar to these beverages.

What are the different types of forks?

Aside from table forks or dinner forks - which are typically used for most meal services - another common fork style is a dessert fork. Dessert forks (aka pastry forks, pie forks or cake forks) are specially designed for eating pastries and other desserts, and feature three or four tines. They have a widened tine on one side that assists in cutting the pastry without the aid of a knife. You can also find buffet forks that combine tines with a spoon-like bowl, making them multi-purpose and ideal for picnics and parties.

What are the different types of knives?

The most common knife you'll find in your cutlery set is a table knife or dinner knife, which is designed to cut most types of foods on your plate. Steak knives are popular for cutting large pieces of meat, and feature sharp serrated edges and larger handles for ease of carving. Entree knives are similar to dinner knives, and as the name suggests, are used for smaller dishes. They are also used as side butter knives.

Create Your Perfect Set Up With Loose Cutlery From Top Brands At Harris Scarfe

At Harris Scarfe, we stock the leading brands known for their quality dinnerware, glassware & cutlery sets. Shop online or in-store today to shop loose silverware & cutlery from premium brands such as Stanley Rogers, Maxwell & Williams, and Smith+Nobel. Complement your new cutlery set with matching table linen - we have a table linen buying guide to help you select the perfect napery to match your new loose knives, forks and spoons. For more inspiration, check out our Food Hub for recipes and dining tips.