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Slumber In Style & Comfort With Quality Women's PJs & Sleepwear

Say no to wearing old, frayed t-shirts and pants with Harris Scarfe's range of women's pyjamas and sleepwear in Australia. Whether it's a cold winter's night or a sultry summer's evening, we offer the perfect women's sleepwear solutions for every season. Choose from fabric options like soft jersey knits, warm flannelette, bamboo, cotton, lace, viscose and much more to suit a wide range of moods and styles. With your favourite ladies' sleepwear brands like Sash & Rose, Jane Lamerton, Disney and Leona Edmiston, you'll have the choice of both women's summer and winter pyjamas. From printed styles like florals, polka dots, stripes, and leopard prints to solid colours and Disney characters - it's easy to pick a style based on your mood and the weather.

What Styles Can I Find In Harris Scarfe's Range Of Women's Sleepwear?

Pick from options like women's pyjamas, nighties, robes and sleepwear apparel. Here are some of the key styles you can choose from at Harris Scarfe:

  • Women's Pyjama Sets: Find beautifully matching women's pyjama sets that will have you looking great and feeling fabulous at Harris Scarfe. Explore copy options like women's flannelette pyjamas for winter or slinky cotton interlock sets for the warmer months.
  • Women's Dressing Gowns & Robes: Whether you're looking for a cosy fleece dressing gown or a sleek kimono-style robe, Harris Scarfe has you covered. Find the perfect pieces for layering up your sleepwear options with our range of women's dressing gowns & robes.
  • Women's Nighties: When it comes to classically feminine sleepwear options you can't go past a nightie! Discover comfortable and flattering nightgown styles with women's nighties at Harris Scarfe.
  • Women's Sleep Pants: Discover quality sleep pants to keep you cosy and comfortable across the seasonal changes.
  • Women's Sleep Tops & T-Shirts: Explore a great range of cosy women's pyjama tops, tanks and sleep tees to pair with your favourite sleep pants. Mix and match to find your perfect sleepwear combo!

Women's Pyjamas & Sleepwear FAQs

Women's sleepwear vs women's pyjamas: what's the difference?

Sleepwear is the generic term used to describe nighties, pyjamas, camisoles, dressing gowns and more. Pyjamas are a more specific term used to describe nightclothes designed for sleeping in, typically consisting of a loose-fitting top and matching pants.

How many pairs of women's pyjamas should I have?

When updating your sleepwear options it's important to consider how often you wear your pjs. You'll typically find that you wear your favourite set to bed three to four times before laundering them, so two pairs of pyjamas, sleep sets or nighties should be your minimum. Ensure you have different sleepwear options to keep you at the right temperature for different seasons, and maybe invest in an extra pair to wear around the house on lazy weekends or for cosy nights on the couch.

What is the best material for women's pyjamas & sleepwear?

The best material for women's sleepwear is a personal choice, and should be guided by the season and whether or not you're a "warm sleeper". Materials like silk, bamboo and cotton jersey are great options for their breathability in the summer months, whereas cotton flannelette constructions are ideal if you like to keep cosy. You can explore the pros and cons of different sleepwear material options in Harris Scarfe's in-depth sleepwear buying guide!

Shop Women's Sleepwear & Women's Pyjamas At Harris Scarfe

At Harris Scarfe, you can find a massive range of sophisticated and chic women's sleepwear for all seasons and style preferences. From warm women's winter pyjamas like flannelette pyjamas to more cool summer styles - find the perfect combination of sleep tops and pants for when you want to relax, lounge or sleep. Complete your sleepwear with our great selection of women's slippers. Shop our extensive range of women's pyjama sets and nighties online, where you can enjoy the convenient options of home delivery or click & collect for your order. Alternatively, head into your nearest Harris Scarfe store to try on the range and make your purchases. Remember to check out some great clothing and footwear styling tips with our Fashion Hub articles, and sign up to HS Friends for exclusive sales prices and advance sales notifications.