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Why You Need an Effective Sports Bra

As part of Harris Scarfe's entire bras, underwear and lingerie range and women's sports and activewear, sports bras offer the following benefits:

  • Superior support for a range of activities
    From low impact activities to high impact yoga, running, netball, walking, tennis - you name it! - superior support under pressure is the responsibility of a good sports bras. By reducing breast bounce, sports bras help minimise breast pain and potential injury, so you can enjoy maximum movement without being self-conscious or cautious about hurting yourself.
  • Breathable materials for sweat wicking
    With the demands of physicality in mind, sports bras are constructed from breathable fabrics that have sweat-wicking qualities. This means, rather than keep sweat against your skin, moisture is drawn away from your skin, so you stay drier and more comfortable for longer.
  • Lightweight design and materials for ultimate movement
    Everything about a sports bra is designed to ensure you're not restricted or constricted in your movement. All materials in a sports bra are as light as possible and you're unlikely to be stabbed under the armpit with a wayward wire! You should hardly know that you're wearing a bra when it's a sports bra.
  • Full coverage for support of the breast tissue
    Despite being light and facilitating movement, sports bras offer complete coverage, so all breast tissue is amply supported. This not only ensures you feel 'in control' while working out, but it also means your breasts are totally protected.
  • Available in a range of sizes and plus sizes
    No woman should miss out on the opportunity to move, do what she wants to do and express herself fully. Regardless of your bust size and the type of activity you're engaged in, you'll be able to find the sports bra that's right for you - from plus size sports bras to ones for smaller breasts.

Discover Berlei Sports Bras & Triumph Sports Bras at Great Prices

There's no shortage of sports bras to choose from at Harris Scarfe. From tried and tested favourites in the Berlei sports bra range, such as Berlei Electrify, to the massively popular Triumph sports bra collection, including Triumph Triaction, you can be sure you'll find a sports bra that can handle whatever activity you throw at it.

Just make sure you know what you want from your sports bra and that it's fitted properly before you make a purchasing decision. One of the friendly Harris Scarfe customer service team will be happy to help you with a proper fitting, so don't be afraid to ask.

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