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Stanley Rogers Cutlery

In 1930, a young man by the name of Stanley Rogers opened a small retail store in Elizabeth Street in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. After working as a knife sharpener and cutlery repairer, he discovered the needs of customers and the importance of quality cutlery.

After he opened a cutlery factory in Sheffield, England, Stanley Rogers changed the way cutlery is manufactured and designed. Known for bespoke designs and made from the best stainless-steel, Stanley Rogers cutlery is highly regarded as timeless, classic tableware that will last a long time.

The attention to detail in the craftsmanship that goes into every piece speaks volume of the history of Stanley Rogers. Which is why Harris Scarfe is a proud retailer of this classic tableware that will add a touch of elegance to every meal. Designed to contour to the grip of your hands, this cutlery will ensure your next dinner event is one to remember.

Classic Designs and Beautifully Designed Sets

Cutlery is an essential part of every meal, which is our collection of Stanley Rogers cutlery will add the décor of your tableware. Our range begins at 6-piece steak knife sets and buffet forks, both of which are made from toughened, stainless steel and a comfortable grip for easy slicing and picking up of food.

For those looking for a complete cutlery set, our range begins with 42-piece sets in Manchester, Albany, Deevo Satin and Noah designs. All of which come with:

- 6 dinner knives
- 6 dinner forks
- 6 dessert knives
- 6 dessert forks
- 6 soup spoons
- 6 dessert spoons
- 6 teaspoons

Made from the best stainless steel, these sets a classic design that will enhance your meals.

Our 56-piece sets are perfect for anyone looking to update their tableware or have a big family. With either a 25 or 50-year guarantee on respective sets, the elegant look and comfortable feel of these sets ensure long-lasting use. These sets include:

- 8 dinner knives
- 8 dinner forks
- 8 entree knives
- 8 entree forks
- 8 dessert spoons
- 8 soup spoons
- 8 teaspoons

Perfect for personal use or as a gift, Stanley Rogers cutlery will never go out of style. If you are planning a big dinner party, and want to impress your guests, then our 70-piece Albany set is perfect. Made from premium stainless steel, this set gleams with a resilient mirror-polished finish. Included in this set are:

- 10 dinner knives
- 10 dinner forks
- 10 dessert knives
- 10 dessert forks
- 10 soup spoons
- 10 dessert spoons
- 10 teaspoons

With a history as rich as Stanley Rogers, you can be sure that your next meal or dinner party will be an elegant and stylish event. Come into Harris Scarfe today to find your perfect cutlery set today.