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What Are the Different Kitchen Tools?

In order to efficiently cook your favourite meals without hassle and stress, you need to have the right kitchen tools. Here are some of the many different kitchen tools that you can find in our huge kitchen accessories range:

Knife block set: having a reliable chef's knife is great, but a knife block set is better. Whether you need to carefully peel garlic, delicately slice a loaf of bread or finely mince an onion, a knife block set will make sure you have the right knife for the right occasion.

Chopping board: without a chopping board, you won't get very far when it comes to food prep. Our kitchen accessories range features a huge collection of easy to clean chopping boards to suit all your food prep needs.

Measuring cups: when it comes to baking, every ingredient needs to be perfectly measured. To ensure your baked creation doesn't taste too floury, salty or sweet, we have a great selection of measuring cups, spoons and scales so you'll always get it right.

Kitchen utensils: you might use them every time you cook, but you'll be glad they're in your draw when you need them. Having kitchen utensils on hand such as tongs, spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks, knife sharpeners and stainless-steel colanders are important for having the right kitchen tool when you need it.

Which Kitchen Accessories Are Best?

Whether you're new to cooking or want only the best when it comes to the tools in your kitchen, here are our top picks for the best kitchen accessories you can have in your kitchen:

Bread knife: there's nothing worse than cutting into something soft and delicate, like a cake or loaf of bread, and watching it flatten as your knife pushes everything down. With a good bread knife, the serrated edge uses a saw motion to avoid using the full force of pushing down on the knife's blade when slicing.

Food containers: a container utensil set is another must-have when it comes to the best kitchen accessories. Whether it's storing something small like a stick of butter or something larger like leftover spaghetti, having a plastic container set on hand means no more wrestling with glad wrap when storing food.

Spatula: spatulas are one of the most common kitchen accessories and are perfect for a wide range of uses. From stirring scrambled eggs and flipping pancakes to cooking burger patties and scraping the sides of a bowl, spatulas are definitely a kitchen accessory must-have.

What Other Kitchenware Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

Kitchen Appliances: whether you're after a toaster, kettle, blender, electric frying pan, air fryer, sandwich maker or more, our huge range of kitchen appliances has all your appliance needs covered.

Napery: featuring a stunning selection of beautiful tea towels, placemats, tablecloths, napkins, coasters, aprons, oven mitts and more, you'll find everything you need in our napery range.

Glassware: ideal for serving guests when entertaining or for stocking the kitchen cupboard, our range of glassware includes high-quality wine glasses, tumblers, shot glasses, cocktail shakers, wine coolers and much more.

Dinnerware: great for elevating your dining table decor or for impressing guests on special occasions, our huge range of dinnerware has everything you need, from side plates and saucers to bowls, dinner sets and everything in between.

Cutlery: you can't eat food without the right cutlery. Our massive range of cutlery has everything you need, whether needing cutlery for eating at home or special cutlery when hosting dinner parties.

Cookware: our extensive range of cookware features cast iron pots and pans, grill pans, saucepans, woks, saute pans, skillets, casserole dishes, non-stick frying pans, crepe pans and so much more.

Bakeware: at Harris Scarfe, our huge bakeware range has all your baking needs covered, from high-quality mixing bowls and measuring jugs to cake pans, roasters, baking trays, piping bags and much more.