Make meal preparation simple & quick with the best kitchenware at Harris Scarfe. Shop food prep essentials like chopping boards, colanders, graters & more.

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Prepare & Cook Your Favourite Dishes With Ease Using The Best Kitchenware

When it comes to meal prep, Harris Scarfe is your one stop shop! Our extensive kitchenware selection has everything you need to prepare, cook and store tasty meals that the whole family will love. If you're relatively new to the culinary arts, Harris Scarfe has you covered for all your food preparation basics like chopping boards, graters, spatulas and tongs. More adventurous foodies will love our range of specialist kitchen tools like pasta makers, pizza stones and mandoline slicers. Whether you're cooking for one, meal prepping for the whole family or enjoy hosting regular dinner parties, Harris Scarfe's huge variety of kitchenware, tools and utensils will ensure every mealtime is a delight.

What Can I Find In Harris Scarfe's Range Of Kitchenware?

  • Food Storage Solutions: Explore a huge selection of canisters, food containers, flasks, lunch bags and more. Keep your food fresh and tasty with tightly sealed food storage solutions from our kitchenware range.
  • Food Preparation Tools: Discover meal prep essentials like colanders, mandoline slicers, graters and mixing bowls.
  • Utensils & Gadgets: Find the right tool for every food preparation task with our selection of utensils and gadgets. Explore cooking tongs, jar & can openers, whisks, mashers, ladles to make meal time an effortless effort from kitchen to table.
  • Kitchen Storage & Organisation: Ensure your kitchen stays neat, tidy and organised with storage solutions like tiered shelf organisers, drawer dividers, lid holders and spice racks.
  • Chopping Boards: Find the perfect chopping board for every food preparation task. Shop wooden chopping boards, plastic chopping boards and chopping board sets to ensure safe and hygienic meal prep.
  • Salt & Pepper: Whether you're looking for a classic set of grinders or electric salt & pepper mills, Harris Scarfe's salt & pepper range will make sure you can season every dish to perfection.

Kitchenware FAQs

What is kitchenware?

Kitchenware is a broad term used to describe the utensils and tools used for the preparation and serving of food. It can also be used to refer to cookware and kitchen appliances.

What are the essential kitchenware items I need?

Every kitchen needs a set of chopping boards and knives, as well as basic kitchen tools like a colander, grater, peeler and mixing bowls. Consider the types of dishes you like to prepare and how the right kitchen tools can help you save time and prep with precision. For example, if you love salads, invest in a mandoline slicer to grate, slice, dice and shred your favourite veggies. Check out Harris Scarfe's comprehensive food prep tools buying guide to get the low-down on all your kitchenware essentials!

How to store kitchenware

Storage is an important consideration for your favourite kitchenware and utensils. Consider investing in utensil holders and expandable cutlery trays to maximise your available space and minimise clutter. At Harris Scarfe you can find a great selection of kitchen storage & organisation products to make the most out of your kitchenware. Our informative kitchen storage buying guide also has some great tips & tricks for creating a perfectly organised kitchen.

What Else Can I Find For Cooking & Dining At Harris Scarfe?

  • Kitchen Appliances: Whether you're after a toaster, kettle, blender, electric frying pan, air fryer, sandwich maker or more, our huge range of kitchen appliances has all your appliance needs covered.
  • Kitchen Linen: Discover a stunning selection of beautiful tea towels, tablecloths, oven mitts & gloves and aprons at Harris Scarfe. Cleaning your kitchen while protecting your hands and favourite outfits with the right kitchen linen.
  • Drinkware, Dinnerware & Cutlery: Create elegant place settings at every meal with the best glassware, dinner sets and cutlery. Explore designs for special occasions and everyday meals alike. Complete the look with stylish table linen like tablecloths, placemats, coasters & more.
  • Cookware: Our extensive range of cookware features cast iron pots and pans, grill pans, saucepans, woks, saute pans, skillets, casserole dishes, non-stick frying pans, crepe pans and so much more.
  • Bakeware: at Harris Scarfe, our huge bakeware range has all your baking needs covered, from high-quality mixing bowls and measuring jugs to cake pans, roasters, baking trays, piping bags and much more.

Shop Quality Kitchenware For Every Cook With Harris Scarfe

The extensive range of kitchenware at Harris Scarfe includes time saving tools, utensils and storage solutions from leading brands like Avanti, Joseph Joseph, OXO and more. Shop the selection of kitchenware online at Harris Scarfe, and complete your kitchen and dining room refresh with our massive range of quality kitchen & dining products. Enjoy the convenience of click & collect or home delivery for online purchases, or head into your local Harris Scarfe store to explore all your kitchenware essentials in person. Our Food Hub articles include great recipes and cooking tips & tricks to inspire your next meals. Our exclusive HS Friends benefits program offers members Friends prices and advance sales notifications - so remember to sign up and save today!