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Create a cosy sleeping experience with luxurious comforter sets & coverlets. Shop for the perfect comforter set to refresh your bedroom at Harris Scarfe!

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Style Your Bed With Comforter Sets & Coverlets At Harris Scarfe

Comforter sets and coverlet sets are a great way to add extra layers to your bed, providing you with extra styling options while keeping your bed linen ideally matched to seasonal weather changes. At Harris Scarfe, you can find a great range of coverlets and comforters which are conveniently sold in sets with matching pillowcases. Choose from coverlet sets with elegant designs and gorgeous fabrics, or a quilted coverlet to add rich visual texture to your sleeping space. Shop coverlets and coverlet sets at Harris Scarfe to refresh your bedroom decor today!

What Is A Comforter, And What Is A Coverlet?

Bed comforters and coverlets are a type of bed covering - but keep in mind that they're designed for different seasons or climates. They can also be referred to as a bedspread, though some people define a bedspread as being lighter in weight than a comforter or coverlet. A coverlet set includes standard-size matching pillowcases to complete your dressed bed, and likewise, comforter sets also include coordinating pillow slips for a cohesive bed linen update.

  • Comforters are perfect for cooler months. They're thick and plush to help keep you warm at night. At Harris Scarfe, many of our comforter sets feature materials such as sherpa faux fur for a rich and plush aesthetic. You can also find comforters in microfibre fabrics that offer warmth while being hypoallergenic.
  • Coverlets are a much lighter alternative, ideal for warm summer nights or for when you just want a lightweight option. Typically composed of cool and breathable cotton, coverlets often feature quilted designs that provide visual texture while securing the polyester or cotton filling inside.

Comforter Sets & Coverlets FAQs

What is a coverlet vs quilt?

Quilts or duvets are a type of bedding. They have three layers and are commonly filled with feathers, down or synthetic fibres to create a cosy bed covering for you to sleep under. Quilts always require dressing with a quilt cover before going on your bed. On the other hand, comforters and coverlets can be thought of as an "all-in-one" design, where the filling and decorative cover are stitched together, sometimes with patterned designs to create a quilted finish.

How to use a coverlet

Coverlet sets can be used as your main bed covering in warmer weather, or in conjunction with a quilt and quilt cover to layer up your bed in the colder months. You can also use a comforter or coverlet as a decorative element folded much like a throw at the end of your bed.

How to wash a coverlet

Coverlets and comforters can be laundered in your washing machine - unless the care label instructs otherwise! Spot clean any stains before washing, and ensure that your washing machine's capacity can accommodate these bulkier bed linen items. Use the coolest wash temperature for the material and a gentle detergent. If your machine has a bulky wash cycle use this setting for the best results.

What size is a comforter?

At Harris Scarfe, you can find king-size as well as queen bedspreads or comforters. You can also find Queen/King Sizes and Single/Double sizes. The dimensions of these coverlets are designed to fit neatly across different mattress sizes so that elegantly styling your bed is a breeze.

What Other Bed Linen And Bedding Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

  • Quilts and Quilt Covers: Discover quilts or duvets made from wool, cotton, polyester or feather & down, and stylish quilt cover sets to add comfort and colour to your bedroom.
  • Pillows & Pillowcases: We have pillows suited for any sleeping style, and a range of comfortable pillowcases to suit any size pillow.
  • Sheets: Find bed sheet sets, fitted sheets and sheet combos in a variety of sizes and thread counts. Explore flannelette sheet sets for cooler months or crisp cotton sheets that are perfect for the summer.
  • Cushions & Accessories: Coordinate your bedroom makeover with Harris Scarfe's selection of decorative cushions, comforting throw blankets and practical storage accessories.

Find Beautiful Coverlet Sets & Comforters At Harris Scarfe

Shopping for a new coverlet is simple and convenient with Harris Scarfe. Inform your purchases with our handy guide to choosing a coverlet! Complete your bedroom update with our huge range of bedding and bed linen. Browse in-store or make your purchase online from the convenience of your home. Find out about delivery information for your online order, and don't forget to sign up and save with HS Friends for exclusive member offers. Be sure to also check out the Home Hub for great articles on bedlinen and styling your bedroom - as well as many more home decor tips!