Men's Running Shoes

Whether you're running on the track or going on a long walk, wearing the right type of sports footwear will give your feet the support they need. Featuring a number of well-known brands including Slazenger, Fila, Diadora and Sfida, you'll find just what you're looking for in our great range of men's running shoes.

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What to consider when choosing the best running shoes

Unfortunately, choosing the best type of men's running shoes isn't as easy as selecting the most expensive or popular pair. Everyone has different sized feet and different workout routines, so what works for some won't necessarily work for others. To make sure you choose the best pair for you, here are some important factors to think about:

  • Correct outsole: the type of surface you typically run on will determine the type of outsole that will be best for your feet. This is why hiking shoes (designed for traction) will have a different outsole on the bottom compared to boat shoes (designed for grip). Running shoes are designed for traction and stability, so choosing a pair that has a three-part TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) outsole, like our Slazenger Raiders Men's Runners, is a great choice for long runs.
  • Snug fit: although obvious, your footwear needs to fit relatively snug for a variety of reasons. If your shoes are too big, your feet will slide around when running and can risk serious injury. If your shoes are too tight, your feet can get unpleasant blisters and bruises. A simple way to ensure your shoes fit properly is to slip your index finger between your heel and the end of the shoe. If there's just enough space for it to feel snug - you're good to go.
  • Good pronation: you'll see the word 'pronation' a lot with footwear, which refers to how your feet roll inwards for impact distribution each time your foot hits the ground when running. This is very important, as wearing a pair of running shoes with bad pronation can lead to injuries. An example of runners with good pronation is our Diadora Ego Men's Runners, which feature a raised heel that provides enhanced stability and support when running.

What other men's sports footwear are available at Harris Scarfe?

Apart from runners, we have a fantastic range of sports shoes for men that are comfortable, breathable and feature the latest styles. No matter what sports activities you're into, you'll find what you're looking for in our sports footwear range.

Cross training shoes

With the same style as running shoes, our range of men's cross training shoes are ideal for a wide range of physical activities. As the jack of all trades in the footwear world, cross training shoes are designed to be more durable as they tend to endure more. Our Sfida Men's Trial X-Trainers offers a good grip on most surfaces with a flexible, lightweight construction for natural movement. Its cushioned phylon midsole and breathable mesh panels will also ensure your feet stay comfortable throughout the day.

Sporting leisure shoes

Our range of men's leisure shoes are the perfect balance between sports footwear and casual footwear while still providing exceptional support and comfort. For example, our Slazenger Men's Walkers have a casual everyday style yet also have padded support for your ankle and a light phylon outsole for prolonged comfort when walking.

Sport sandals and slides

Slowly becoming an iconic style, men's sport slides and sandals are not just for the gym. Widely worn by celebs such as Kanye West and Leonardo DiCaprio for their comfortable feel, sports slides are easy to wear and offer increased traction on wet surfaces such as pools and gym showers. Our Fila Men's Franklin Slides are incredibly comfortable and versatile, great for wearing at the beach or going into town on a hot day.

Find the Right Men's Running Shoes at Harris Scarfe

When you're out running, jogging or walking, make sure your feet are supported and comfortable with our quality range of men's running shoes at Harris Scarfe. Shop our entire range of men's running shoes and sports footwear online or visit us in-store today.