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A collection of great men's business shirts are the unsung heroes of your working wardrobe. A well-chosen shirt has the power to add variety, update, and complement your tried and tested suits. We believe that when it comes to men's business wear, there's no easier way to communicate your personal aesthetic than with your choice of shirt. Let us help you shop some new shirts to refresh your rotation today.

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How to choose men's business shirts

When choosing a men's business shirt, consider your personal style and the dress code of your workplace, as well as these four main factors:

  • Fit: an ill-fitting shirt isn't going to do you or your outfit any justice. Different brands' shirts fit differently, so take some time to look at the size chart before you buy to make sure everything fits properly.
  • Cut: linen shirts look great oversized, but a less textured fabric requires a closer fit. Look for words like 'slimline,' 'long' and 'relaxed' in the product description to give you an idea of how the shirt is cut. Form-fitting shirts are great for occasions like the races, but for the office, choose one that's somewhere between slimline and relaxed.
  • Colour and pattern: when you're building a business wardrobe, focus on going with neutral colours. You should also keep to traditional patterns such as checks, stripes and paisley. Save the loud shirts for special occasions.
  • Fabric: good quality fabric elevates an outfit. A simple shirt will sit better, wear better and last longer if the fabric is woven with cotton, linen or silk. Natural fabrics also breathe better, which is great for moisture control and comfort if you're putting in a long day.


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