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Create A Professional Work Wardrobe With Men's Business Shirts

A collection of great men's business shirts are the unsung heroes of your working wardrobe. A well-chosen shirt has the power to add variety, update, and complement your tried and tested suits. We at Harris Scarfe believe that when it comes to men's business wear, there's no easier way to communicate your personal aesthetic than with your choice of shirt. Explore the range of Harris Scarfe's men's business shirts online to refresh your corporate outfits and add a professional accent to your work wardrobe.

How To Choose The Perfect Men's Business Shirt

When choosing a men's business shirt, consider your personal style and the dress code of your workplace, as well as these four main factors:

  • Fit: An ill-fitting shirt isn't going to do you or your outfit any justice. Different brands can differ in size and cut, so take some time to check the size guide to make sure everything fits properly.
  • Cut: Look for words like 'slimline,' 'long' and 'relaxed' in the product description to give you an idea of how the shirt is cut. Form-fitting shirts are great for occasions like the races, but for the office, choose one that's somewhere between slimline and relaxed.
  • Colour & Print: When you're building a business wardrobe, focus on going with neutral colours - a white business shirt is a must-have wardrobe staple! Stick with traditional patterns such as checks, stripes and paisley and save the loud shirts for special occasions.
  • Fabric: Good quality fabric elevates an outfit. Opt for 100% natural fibres like cotton for their breathability, moisture control and comfort. Poly/cotton blends are a great option too as they are less prone to wrinkling and will help you save time on ironing!

Men's Business Shirts FAQs

What is a business shirt?

Men's business shirts - sometimes also referred to as a dress shirt - differ from less formal shirt styles in a couple of ways. They typically feature a collar that is stiffened with fusing and designed to sit upright when the shirt is fastened. The collar should also have enough structure to hold a necktie in place. Business shirts are also meant to be tucked into your trousers, so they will be longer in length than a casual shirt or top.

How to iron a business shirt

Before you start ironing your business shirt, check the care label and material to ensure you set your iron to the correct temperature. Cotton and linen can withstand higher temperatures, whereas polyester or poly/cotton blended shirts will require a gentler heat setting. Use a steam setting or lightly mist your shirt with a water spray bottle for best results. You can also iron your business shirt while it's still damp from laundering.

  1. Start by ironing the dress shirt collar. Lay the collar flat on the ironing board, and start the ironing process from the collar underside. Press from the centre towards the points. Repeat for the front (top) side of the collar.
  2. Cuffs are next. Unbutton the cuffs and as with the collar, lay them flat on the ironing board and start with the inside first. Ensure you iron around the buttons (never over) on both the front and back.
  3. Press the front of the business shirt. Start with the front side with the buttons, working the point of the iron around them. Then move up to the shoulder area and repeat on the other side of the shirt front.
  4. Iron the back of the shirt, starting from the top. You can place the sleeve heads around the square edge of the ironing board, which will allow you to press the back of the shirt half at a time while keeping it perfectly flat.
  5. Last step is ironing the sleeves, which can be the trickiest part. Lay the whole sleeve flat on the ironing board, ensuring both sides of the sleeve are smooth and flat. Iron down from the top of the sleeve at the shoulder seam, moving towards the cuff. Repeat on the other side of the sleeve, and then finally repeat this process for the other sleeve.

How to fold a business shirt

The best way to keep your freshly pressed business shirts wrinkle-free is to hang them on a coat hanger in your wardrobe. If this is not an option (e.g. when travelling), fold your shirts with minimal folds to prevent creases. Start folding the shirt by placing it face down on a flat surface. Fold in the sleeves towards the centre back, then take the top of the shirt and fold in half to line the collar up with the hem of the shirt.

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