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What types of coffee makers are available at Harris Scarfe?

We all enjoy our favourite cup of coffee made just the way we like it, whether it's with a coffee plunger for a richer flavour, a coffee percolator for a stronger taste, or a pour over coffee maker for a cleaner, more mild flavour. You'll find everything you need at Harris Scarfe.

Coffee percolators

A coffee percolator is a popular choice amongst avid coffee drinkers. Percolators, like our Coffee Culture 6 Cup Percolator, have an upper chamber for coffee grounds and a lower chamber for water. It brews coffee by pushing boiling water up through the grounded coffee. Because it's brewed multiple times, the coffee will have a stronger taste, so it might not be the best option if you prefer a more mild taste.

French press/coffee plungers

Whether you call it a French press or a coffee plunger, coffee connoisseurs will both agree that it offers a smoother and more full-flavoured cup of coffee. Coffee plungers, such as our Casa Domani 1L Macchiato Plunger, use an infusion method to brew coffee. By pushing down the lid, the coffee grounds are squeezed down to the bottom and rich, smooth tasting coffee filters to the top. You'll have more control over the taste, so you can make your coffee as strong or as weak as you like.

Pour over coffee makers

Also known as drip coffee, a pour over coffee maker, like our Coffee Culture 400ml Coffee Pour Over, is perfect for making a refreshing coffee with a cleaner, much more mild taste. This method for making coffee involves slowly pouring hot water over grounded coffee in a filter. The water passes through the coffee and then drips down into the jar or coffee cup below.

What types of tea makers are available at Harris Scarfe?

Nothing beats a good cuppa, whether it's a green tea in the morning or an earl grey before bed. With a wide range including glass tea makers, stainless-steel kettles, cast iron teapots, and more, Harris Scarfe has everything a true tea lover needs.


The humble teapot was made famous in China during the Yuan Dynasty and hasn't lost popularity since. With a large signature handle on the top and a cute little spout at the front, teapots are great for giving you more control over the final flavour of your favourite cuppa. For great flavour and style, check out our Avanti 800ml Imperial Teapot, featuring majestic gold and black patterns and made from durable cast iron.

Stovetop tea kettles

Arguably one of the most essential kitchen appliances one can own, it's hard to find a kitchen that doesn't have a kettle. Whether you're out camping or making a cuppa at home, stovetop tea kettles, like our Smith & Nobel 2.3L Stainless Steel Kettle, boil water at a higher temperature than electric kettles. This is great for types of tea such as black tea, where a hotter temperature can bring out more flavour. However, if you enjoy more delicate teas like white tea, then an electric kettle is a better choice.

Tea makers

Teapots with infusers, also known as tea makers, slowly infuse the tea to offer a much smoother flavour. Tea makers, like our Tramontina 700ml Glass Tea Maker, are teapots designed with a basket infuser for loose tea leaves in the middle of the pot, which allows the water to flow around the leaves much easier.

Tea mug infusers

As a smaller version of a tea maker, tea mug infusers, such as our Avanti 420ml Tea Mug Infuser, skip the teapot altogether and instead infuse the tea right into your teacup or mug. This option is ideal for people on the go who want to enjoy a delicious, brewed tea when in the office or away from home.

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Whether you like to enjoy a smooth tea to unwind or a strong cup of coffee to get you going in the morning, Harris Scarfe has all your needs covered with our huge tea and coffee maker range. If you need new coffee glasses, mugs or any other dinnerware, then shop our massive range of kitchen accessories to ensure you have everything you need.

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