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Accompanied with every meal is good cutlery. Whether it is a spoon at breakfast or a knife and fork at dinner, this unheralded hero of meals doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Our range of cutlery is perfect for everyone, from those who are moving out of home or want to impress guests at your next dinner event. You will love showing off your new knives, spoons, and forks all the time.

The cutlery comes in all different styles and shapes, which is specific for a certain meal. A dessert spoon is designed specifically for cakes and ice-creams because of the shape of the head. While a soup spoon is made for picking up liquid. It may seem a little confusing, but once you notice the subtle differences, you will appreciate the cutlery.

If you are looking to give your tableware a complete makeover, good cutlery will enhance your dining experience every time. Stanley Rogers are a highly regarded name in cutlery, with many beautiful and unique designs, made from the best stainless steel. With a range of different spoons, knives, and forks in stock, your next dinner will look and feel very elegant.

If you are looking for new affordable forks, Smith and Nobel have 9 different styles for various foods. This includes:

- Cakes
- Fruit
- Dessert
- Buffet
- Table

Made in stainless to last, these forks will transform the way you pick up food at every meal.

Their collection of spoons are specifically made for a variety of meals, whether it is fruit, soup, cake, dessert, coffee or to use for dinner. These spoons are all made to meet the specific needs of the consumer.

To complete a cutlery set, you need a quality knife. Knives are an essential part of tableware, and Smith and Nobel have an assortment of knives that are specific to your meals needs. Available in stainless steel rose gold or matte black, these knives are perfect for slicing meats, fish, vegetables and even fruits. Don't put up with old cutlery, come into Harris Scarfe and find your ideal tableware today.