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Discover The Best Wirefree Bras For You At Great Prices

From Playtex wirefree bras to Triumph wirefree bras, Harris Scarfe has a range that meets the widest spectrum of tastes and functionality. Discover popular styles including the Playtex Ultimate Lift and Shape, Playtex Comfort Revolution and Triumph Endless Comfort wirefree bras! Our selection of wirefree bras is available in a great range of sizes and plus sizes. If you've never tried a wireless bra before - or you've always thought your bust was too large - it's worthwhile giving today's new wireless bra designs a go. You may wonder why you haven't been wearing them for years!

Enjoy Excellent Comfort & Other Benefits With Wirefree Bras

As part of Harris Scarfe's entire women's bras range, wirefree bras offer the following benefits:

  • Comfortable and no digging wires: Anyone who has suffered from the discomfort of wires in bras after a long day - or had an underwire pop out of the fabric and attack your skin! - will know that comfort in bras is a very important deciding factor.
  • Flexible to move: Given the rigidity of wires, any wired bra will be more structured and less flexible. For this reason, high-performance wireless bras are a favourite for active women who are looking to reduce bounce but maximise movement.
  • Supportive and good coverage: Whether padded or unpadded - with moulded cups, full cups, half cups, demi cups, or even push-up inserts to give you that little bit extra - wirefree bras are getting more and more sophisticated when it comes to support and coverage. You'll find that such bras often rely on stitching, an inner sling or the cut of the fabric to elevate support, and may feature a larger band around the torso.
  • Great for a range of ages: From tweens and teens, to mature ages all women can enjoy wireless bras. Whether you're seeking a bra they can wear comfortably in bed on a nightly basis or after recovering from surgery or illness, wirefree bras offer comfort at any age.

Wirefree Bras FAQs

What is a wirefree bra?

As the name suggests, wireless bras are defined by their lack of underwire. Instead of rigid or hard materials, non-underwire bras use a 'soft cup' to support and define the bust. Bras have traditionally relied on wires to maintain structure and support but, with advances in fabric and design, today's wirefree bras have advanced significantly in performance and popularity.

Why choose a wirefree bra?

Whether you opt for a wirefree bra or a wireless bralette (effectively a crop top), wireless underwear helps the wearer achieve a 'nude' effect that offers coverage without showing through clothing. Consider a wireless bra for enhancing your bustline, rather than dramatically altering it. They're also supportive and flexible, giving you the freedom to move freely about your day in absolute comfort.

Are wirefree bras better than underwire bras?

Wireless bras and underwire bras both offer different benefits to the wearer, so what's good for one woman may not suit another. Choose wirefree bras for their excellent comfort - ideal for relaxing around the home, running errands or casual events. Underwire bras are more heavy-duty and offer greater lift and shaping compared to their wirefree counterparts. Opt for underwire bras to fit larger bust sizes or when dressing in fitted outfits.

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Explore Harris Scarfe's great range of comfortable and supportive wirefree bras from our extensive range of women's bras. Discover more about bras at Harris Scarfe, including how to measure your size and how to launder and store bras with our ultimate delicates & lingerie wash guide. Pair your new bra with some new women's underwear and shapewear to feel confident and fresh. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your online bra purchases, or head into your local Harris Scarfe store to take advantage of our free, professional bra fitting services!