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Combining the latest styles with incredible comfort and support, our wide range of women's running shoes is designed to protect your feet and keep them comfortable. Whether running is a hobby or a passion, you'll find the perfect pair of running shoes at Harris Scarfe.

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How to select the best women's running shoes

Unlike street shoes, running shoes are designed for specific needs, and not just any pair of runners will do. However, choosing the right pair doesn't have to be tricky, as we've outlined the main factors to consider when choosing the best runners for you.

Running surface

Before you begin your search, a crucial factor to first consider is what type of surface you'll typically be running on. Will you mostly be running on concrete, asphalt, dirt or a combination? This is important, as running shoes designed for gravel will have better traction, whereas running shoes designed for harder surfaces will provide maximum support for your feet when hitting the ground.

Comfortability and support

Comfort and support go hand in hand, especially when it comes to choosing the best women's running shoes for your specific needs. They should fit like a glove as soon as you put them on and have a cushioned innersole. For example, our Sfida Grid Women's Runners are made with a moulded cushioned innersole and have firm heel counters. This will give your ankles support when running while providing shock absorption and comfort for your lateral arches at the bottom of your feet.

Knowing your gait

Basically, your gait refers to how your feet move when running. As everyone moves differently, knowing your gait will ensure you're choosing the best type of runners for how you run.

You have normal pronation (how your foot lands when running) if your feet come in complete contact with the floor and slightly roll inward. Overpronation is when your feet roll inward a lot more, which usually results in heel or arch pain. Finally, underpronation occurs when the outer part of your feet lands on the floor first and rolls inwards very slightly.

What other women's sports footwear are available at Harris Scarfe?

Whether you need a pair of sports shoes that can keep up with your active lifestyle or something comfortable when heading down to the beach, you find just what you're looking for in our huge range of women's sports footwear.

Cross training shoes

When you don't want to change your footwear when heading from the weight room to the treadmill, our range of cross training shoes for women are the perfect solution. Designed to provide comfort and support across a wide range of activities, our Diadora Women's Leather Speed Trainers feature a herringbone tread outsole for maximum grip and a cushioned midsole for increased comfort.

Sporting leisure shoes

Whether it's stylish slip ons for quickly heading out the door or for heading out directly after you've finished exercising, our range of women's leisure shoes is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle. With a wide range of different styles, patterns and colours, finding a pair that complements your activewear is easy!

Sport sandals and slides

Our women's sport sandals and slides excel in two major areas: comfort and style! Great for wearing at the beach, down at the pool, chilling at the spa or when meeting up with friends, they'll make sure your feet stay comfortable and cool throughout the day.

Find the Right Women's Running Shoes at Harris Scarfe

From running on loose gravel to hard road surfaces, we have a fantastic range of women's running shoes that will provide complete support for your feet while keeping them comfortable.

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