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Women's runners from Harris Scarfe combine style with the comfort and support you need. Find the perfect pair of running shoes in-store or online today!

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Enjoy Comfort, Support & Style With Women's Runners

Whether you simply enjoy an early morning jog or are training up for a marathon, Harris Scarfe has a great selection of comfortable women's running shoes to help you keep fit in style. With a range of trusted brands to choose from, you can find Adidas runners and FILA running shoes which all offer the support you need. You can find classic white or black women's runners to suit any of your activewear, or opt for more colourful options to make a unique style statement.

What shoes are best for running?

Unlike street shoes or cross trainers, running shoes are designed specifically to provide the support you need when hitting the pavement. Women's runners from Harris Scarfe include cushioned inner soles, heel counters, in-built sock liners and breathable upper mesh. All these features benefit you by providing comfort, preventing injury and keeping your feet healthy!

Women's Runners FAQs

How to wash runners?

Runners can often be cleaning in your washing machine, but it's vital that you check the care instructions first. Remove any excess dirt from your running shoes, and remove the laces as well. Use a gentle machine cycle and a cold wash temperature to prevent colour run or misshapen shoes.

Pro Tip: Add a towel into the machine to reduce the risk of runners bouncing around and damaging either your machine drum or the shoes themselves.

How should running shoes fit?

Comfort and support go hand in hand, and your runners should fit like a glove as soon as you put them on. Look for runners that include cushioned insoles and firm heel counters to prevent injury and maximise your performance.

How to lace running shoes?

Correctly lacing your shoes will also maximise support and minimise the risk of injury. The "heel-lock" lacing method is recommended to prevent slipping in your runners, and is especially beneficial for trail runners.

What Other Women's Sportswear Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

Harris Scarfe has a huge range of sportswear for women. Browse the complete selection of Women's Sports Footwear and Women's Sports Activewear, or check out the below categories to find the perfect match for your new women's runners:

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Enjoy the convenience of shopping online from your own home with our easy to browse website, or choose the in-store experience where our friendly staff can help you find the perfect sporting shoes and activewear. You can also discover great pointers on keeping fit with our Ultimate Home Workout Guide, and learn some excellent tips for coordinating your sportswear with the Women's Activewear & Athleisure Buying Guide!