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A Huge Range Of Manchester & Bed Linen

At Harris Scarfe, our comprehensive collection of bed linen and Manchester bedding features a variety of colours, fabrics and styles from big-name bedding brands to ensure you have plenty of options when it comes to decorating your bedroom.

We have bedsheets and sets that are made from soft micro flannel fabric, which is machine-washable and very durable. Apart from being low-maintenance, micro flannel fabric is designed to provide the same soft touch as high-quality cotton. If you're looking for something during the warmer months, we have bed linen made from thermal microfibre, providing luxurious warmth throughout the night.

And of course, all of our Manchester bedding and bed linen is available in a wide selection of colours, sizes and styles. Check out our guide on buying linen homewares for more helpful information.

What To Consider When Choosing Manchester & Bed Linen?

Here are some main factors to consider when buying Manchester bedding and bed linen:

Colours and patterns

Because your linen bedding is pretty much the focal point of the bedroom, making sure the bed linen is matching or complementing the existing decor is important. Whether you're looking for a floral print, a striped design, a jacquard pattern or more, you'll find it at Harris Scarfe.

The material

Apart from looking stylish, you'll want your new bed linen to provide comfort throughout the night as you sleep. For example, our bed linen that features a 2000 thread count offers an incredibly soft and comfortable feel that is like sleeping on a cloud. Another example is our flannel fleece quilt covers that offer incredible comfort, no matter what temperature it is outside. Our guide on how to style your bed linen will provide more in-depth information and some helpful tips.

What Other Bedding Can I Find at Harris Scarfe?

Bedding: from soft blankets and underlays to pillow protectors, warm quilts, mattress toppers, European pillows and much more, explore our huge range of bedding to complete your bedroom today.

Cushions and accessories: our huge range of cushions and accessories features a variety of fabrics and textures such as faux fur, fleece, flannel, sherpa and much more.

Towels and bathroom: once you have sorted out your bed linen, make sure your towels offer the same level of comfort when stepping out of the shower with our fabulous towels and bathroom range.

Home decor: make sure your home is reflecting your unique personality by exploring our massive home decor range that features a huge selection of table lamps, indoor plants, beautiful vases, diffusers, scented candles and much more.

Find the Right Bed Linen & Manchester at Harris Scarfe

Featuring some of the biggest names in bedding such as Phase 2, Ardor, Odyssey Living, Polo, Soren and many more, the massive selection of Manchester bedding and bed linen at Harris Scarfe has everything you need to design your bedroom and guarantees a comfortable night's sleep. Check out our guide on how to create your own cosy haven to learn more helpful tips.

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