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When it comes to getting a great night's sleep, having the right bed linen is of the utmost importance. Both decorative and functional, bed linen from Harris Scarfe is available in a huge range of colours, designs, and materials to suit every bed size and bedroom decor theme. We have a massive selection of quilt covers, sheets, pillowcases and much for the ultimate in comfort and cosiness every time you climb into bed. Explore a range of quality bed linen from leading brands like Linen House and Harris Scarfe exclusive labels including Chyka Home and Shaynna Blaze. Whether you're looking for queen bed linen, white bed linen or hotel-quality bed linen, Harris Scarfe has you (and your bed) covered with one of the best selections of luxury bed linen in Australia.

What Is Bed Linen?

"Bed linen" is the collective name for the removable coverings used on your quilt or duvet, mattress and pillows (i.e. bedding). Also referred to as bedclothes or Manchester, bed linen includes pillowcases, quilt covers, comforters & coverlets, sheets & sheet sets and valances. Bed linen's function is to provide comfort, warmth and decoration to your bed as well as to hygienically protect your bedding items. At Harris Scarfe, you can also discover cute kids' bed linen for your little ones and a great selection of cosy flannelette bed linen in our range.

Bed Linen FAQs

How to store bed linen

Correctly storing your bed linen will ensure its longevity - this means in a well-ventilated, moisture free environment like a linen cupboard, clothing drawer or dedicated space in your wardrobe. Here are a few tips for storing your bed linen for the best results:

  • Ensure your sheets and quilt covers are freshly laundered before storing. Dirty sheets can attract pests like silverfish.
  • Make sure your linen storage space is free from natural light, as prolonged exposure to UV rays will discolour and fade your bed linen.
  • Ensure the storage area is free from unpleasant odours as textiles will tend to absorb these over time. Use a fragrance sachet if you want to add a lovely fragrance to your bed linen.
  • Use a moisture-absorbing desiccant if you live in humid climates, and don't store your bed linen in plastic bags or tubs, as they can trap moisture and encourage mould growth.

How to wash bed linen

The best way to ensure you are correctly washing your bed linen is to check the care instructions on the care label. Where a specific washing machine cycle is not specified, a regular wash will generally be fine for cotton, poly-cotton, linen or polyester sheets and quilt covers. Use the warmest water temperature suitable for the fabric and fibre type, and use the sheets cycle if your machine has one.

What's the best bed linen material?

The best bed linen material will be one that suits your climate and sleeping temperature. Cotton bed linen is typically cool, absorbent and breathable. Polyester/cotton blends are great for kids' bed linen as they can be less prone to wrinkling, more durable and quicker to dry. Flannelette bed linen is great for keeping warm in the cooler months, and sheets or quilt covers made from linen offer a cool sleeping experience as well as a softly textured look to your dressed bed. Explore our comprehensive sheets & bed linen buying guide in more detail to inform your bed linen material choices!

What Else Can I Find For My Bedroom At Harris Scarfe?

When it comes to creating the ultimate sleeping haven, Harris Scarfe has everything you need! Shop our extensive bedding selection, where you can find quilts, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillows, blankets and much more! We also have a gorgeous range of soft furnishing decor items like decorative cushions and throws to add the perfect finishing touches to your bed.

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