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Add an extra layer of warmth, comfort & support to your bed with mattress underlays from Harris Scarfe. Shop the range & elevate your sleeping experience.

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Add A Layer Of Cosiness To Your Bed With Mattress Underlays

We know you love comfort, and nowhere in your home should be plusher than your bed. After all, you spend approximately a third of your life in it! We've learnt a thing or two about bedding over the years, and discovered that underlays are one of the quickest and easiest ways to elevate your bed's comfort and warmth. At Harris Scarfe you can find a vast range of fantastic underlays from leading brands such as Gainsborough, Elysian and Mini Jumbuk. While you think about quilts, blankets and mattress toppers for your bed, take some time to also consider this best-kept bedding secret. You can thank us later.

What Kinds Of Bed Underlays Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

  • Wool underlays: Perfect for adding a layer of natural, soft, antibacterial comfort. You can find queen wool underlays as well as single, double and king sizes in the range.
  • Foam underlays: Convoluted foam underlays are a fantastic option if you're looking for pressure relief and even body weight distribution. Gel-infused foam underlays are ideal for temperature regulation and relief. If you're prone to overheating, these are a great choice.

Mattress Underlays FAQs

Underlay vs mattress topper: what's the difference?

When it comes to adding cushioning or comfort to your existing mattress, both mattress toppers and mattress underlays can help do the trick. One of the core differences is that underlays are typically made from natural fibres such as wool, which aid in regulating your temperature as you sleep. Mattress toppers come in different firmnesses, much like mattresses, but are bulkier than underlays. If you're after light cushioning and temperature regulation, choose an underlay over a topper.

What's the right side for a foam underlay?

If you've purchased a new convoluted foam mattress underlay, you might be unsure as to which side it should be placed up on your mattress. The surface can be likened to an "egg carton" structure, and this is the side that should be pointing up. The little peaks and valleys in this structure aid in allowing air to flow through the mattress pad, keeping you nice and cool while you rest. The other benefit of convoluted foam underlays is that it can help decrease pressure on hips and shoulders if you're a side sleeper.

How to wash a wool underlay

  • Before you launder your wool underlay, it's a great idea to hang it outside in the sun. This helps to ventilate the underlay and remove any unpleasant odours.
  • Gently shake out or beat the underlay to remove dust or crumbs from breakfasts in bed!
  • Wash by hand using lukewarm water and a delicate detergent suited to wool. You can also check the manufacturer's instructions to see if machine washing is suitable - but as a rule of thumb, wool fibres should be treated as gently as possible to prevent pilling, shrinkage or matting.
  • After a 10-minute soak and a rinse, lightly squeeze out excess moisture. Avoid twisting or wringing.
  • Lay flat in the sun to dry, and if needed, you can lightly brush the surface to smooth out the fibres and fluff them up.

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