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Make Cleaning A Breeze With Cleaning Appliances From Harris Scarfe

Make floor-cleaning a breeze with a wide range of vacuum cleaners, steam mops, robot vacuums and accessories at Harris Scarfe. Explore the range and find your perfect vacuum product amongst our variety of styles from premium brands either online or in-store. It's easy to clean anywhere with a convenient cordless stick vacuum or handheld option. You can also keep on top of cleaning chores by choosing to outsource your floor cleaning completely to a smart robot vacuum cleaner.

Choose From Floor Cleaners In All Shapes, Sizes & Styles

Keeping your home clean and tidy creates a calming environment and helps to reduce airborne dust and allergens. At Harris Scarfe, we've sourced the latest in floor-cleaning technology from all of your favourite brands. A vacuum cleaner needs to work with your lifestyle and flooring. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • If your home has several carpeted areas, you'll probably want a powerful vacuum cleaner with strong suction.
  • If you need to regularly vacuum over multiple floors, our lightweight cordless stick or handheld vacuum cleaners are great options.
  • As an alternative, bagless barrel vacuum cleaners have larger dust compartments, so they're perfect for big spaces as you can empty them less often.
  • If you have both hard floors and carpeted areas, wet and dry vacuum cleaners are a great choice as they're allergy and pet-friendly. Some even include a mop function for a spotless finish.
  • Steam mops are an effective way to clean hard flooring while also sanitising your floors without using harsh chemicals.
  • Our robot vacuum cleaners are always popular with their smart, intuitive technology that can keep your floors clean while you're not even home - or just put your feet up and let your robot vacuum take care of the cleaning!

Vacuum Cleaners & Steam Mops FAQs

How to use a vacuum cleaner

While most of us have a pretty good idea of what a vacuum cleaner does, there are a few simple steps we can all follow to make vacuuming an effortless task!

  • Get ready to vacuum by clearing any items out of the way, including furniture like chairs.
  • Make sure your vacuum cleaner is ready by checking that it doesn't need to be emptied, and that you have the right attachments for your floor surface.
  • Go slowly and move the vacuum cleaner methodically across the floor to make sure you capture every bit of dust and dirt.
  • If vacuuming carpet, push the vacuum in a straight line to raise the carpet fibres, then pull back to ensure that any loosened debris is vacuumed up. Then follow the same process at a 90-degree angle to your original vacuuming direction.
  • Empty your vacuum cleaner regularly and clean any attachments and filters as per the manufacturer's instructions. A clogged-up vacuum will need to work harder, so performing frequent maintenance will ensure your appliance stays in tip-top condition for longer!

What are some useful vacuuming tips & tricks?

  • To clean tight crevices like window tracks, slide an empty toilet roll over the end of the vacuum cylinder and squeeze it into the crevice.
  • To clean and deodorise rugs, mattresses or high-traffic carpeted areas, add a sprinkle of bicarbonate soda to the area first. Leave it for a few hours, then vacuum it to freshen everything up.
  • To help locate tiny items like earrings or small toys, place a stocking over the end of your vacuum cylinder. The vacuum suction will attract anything that's out of sight, while the stocking will stop it from disappearing into the vacuum cleaner, making it easy to retrieve.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner

When it comes to finding the right vacuum cleaner for your home, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. Check out Harris Scarfe's comprehensive vacuum cleaners buying guide for tips on selecting a suitably sized model with the right power, suction settings and attachments for your needs.

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Make quick work of pet hair, dust, dirt and other unwanted grime with the right cleaning appliances from Harris Scarfe. Featuring amazing brands such as Shark vacuums and My Genie robot vacuums, you are spoilt for choice at Harris Scarfe. We have stick vacuums, wet & dry robot vacuums, barrel vacuums, steam mops and handheld vacuums to cover all your cleaning needs. Explore the range in-store or make your purchases online, where you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery or free 2 hour click & collect. Enjoy convenience and effective cleaning with the fantastic range of vacuums at Harris Scarfe.