Buying guide: what's the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

Vacuums Buying Guide

There are so many things to consider when choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home, and it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. That's why our team has put together this handy guide for you. Let's make that choice easier! There are so many things to consider when choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your home, and it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. That's why our team has put together this handy guide for you. Let's make that choice easier!

With all the different types available, what is the best vacuum cleaner?

Any choice you make around vacuum cleaners needs to take into account what type of flooring you have, whether you've got pets in your home, and how powerful you need it to be. There are also considerations around how often you'll use it and storage space. We recommend you have a read through our buying guide before perusing our range of vacuums.

Upright vacuums

Often considered the best type of vacuum cleaners, upright vacuums have many great features. In Australia, the best upright vacuums offer strong suction, a range of settings, attachments galore and large dust collecting capacities, making them a great option for many homes.On the flip side, they're less convenient than some smaller options and can be heavier too - something to keep in mind if you have stairs.Take a look at our most popular upright vacuum cleaners here:

Barrel vacuums

These are an excellent choice for many homes. They're extremely versatile, lighter than uprights and still provide the same powerful suction. The best barrel vacuum cleaners will also include a range of attachments that make cleaning cars and other small spaces a breeze. On the downside, the dust chamber can often be smaller than uprights, but they're easy to empty.

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Stick vacuums

Lightweight, convenient and cordless. Stick vacuums have swept the industry since they made their first appearance, and for good reason. Consumers are often happy to trade a reduction in power for the ease of use the best stick vacuums offer. When considering a stick vacuum, there's a diversity of battery life, suction and power, so it's worth doing your research on particular models. The best cordless vacuum cleaners will rival many corded models in terms of suction capability too.

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Handheld vacuums

These handy little tools were once nicknamed 'dust busters', and although they aren't as popular as they once were, handheld vacuum cleaners do still have a handy purpose. Perfect for spot cleaning and smaller jobs, they typically have decent power, but the battery life is shorter than stick vacuum cleaners. The best handheld vacuums are a great lightweight tool for around the home and car.

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Wet and dry vacuums

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are no longer just for industrial use, with a range of domestic products on the market now. Popular for their ability to vacuum and mop in one go, they cut down on both cleaning times and appliance storage. You can get these in corded or stick varieties and although the technology is new, they do a great job. However, many people still like to have separate appliances and choose a regular vacuum cleaner and steam mop combination for different areas around the house.

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Robot vacuums

Robot vacuums have been available for quite a while, but they've only become common in the past few years. They're growing in popularity because they clean while you go about your day, no elbow grease required. When it comes to robot vacuums, the quality of each model can vary dramatically. The best robot vacuums have good power and functionality, large dust catchers, and impressive battery life, but they aren't all like that. Reading the reviews and thinking about your household's needs will help you choose the best robot vacuum for your home.

What to look for in a vacuum cleaner

What you look for in a vacuum cleaner will depend on your priorities. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Is it bagless or bagged?
  • Is it powered or cordless?
  • Does it come with a HEPA filter for allergies?
  • Is there an adjustable head?
  • Does it have a range of suction settings?
  • Is it a good size and weight for your body strength?
  • Does it have the attachments you need?
  • Does it have the correct energy consumption for your needs?
  • Does it come with a warranty?

The best vacuum cleaner for pet hair will be different from the best car vacuum cleaner, so it's important to consider what you'll use it for.

Vacuum attachment heads and cleaning tools

Most vacuums come with a selection of attachments which is great if you have a range of flooring types in your home. Motorised brushes are great for pet hair and deep cleaning carpet, and a combination tool can be useful on tiles. When it comes to attachments, they can be bulky, so keep that in mind if you have minimal storage in your home.

Popular vacuum cleaners

Our customers love these five bestsellers:

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Vacuum cleaners - top FAQs

Do I need a HEPA filter?

Most vacuums have sufficient filters to remove dust and allergens from your home. But with seasonal allergies what they are in Australia, the best HEPA filter you can buy will offer more peace of mind.

Should I empty my vacuum after every use?

Your vacuum will perform better and last longer when emptied regularly. But if you vacuum daily and the dust catcher is fairly empty after use, there's no need to clean it every time.

How often should I vacuum my home?

There's a range of factors to consider here: do you have pets or children, wear shoes inside, or is anyone in your home allergic to dust? Generally, once a week for low traffic areas is sufficient and more often for high traffic zones.

How do you know if a vacuum has good suction?

The best way to find out these details is to read a range of reviews and get familiar with the models you're considering. Often, different brands use different terminology so take some time to investigate. Also, don't confuse higher power for higher suction - the two don't always correlate.

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