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Table lamps and lighting accessories are a great way to elevate your room's ambience, create a mood or accentuate certain decorative features. The right lighting for your space also helps create depth and height, draw the eye to a specific area, or create a layer of cosiness. At Harris Scarfe, you can discover a range of practical and stylish lighting options including bedside lamps and table lamps that will add the perfect finishing touch to any room in your home.

Home Lamps & Lighting FAQs

What kind of light bulb should I use for my lamps?

First of all, check whether your lamp needs a bayonet fitting or an Edison screw fitting to make sure your replacement bulb is compatible with the lamp. From there, the choice is yours - but there are a couple of other key points to consider:

  • Warmth & brightness: Choose bulbs that will aid in creating the desired ambience in your space. For example, a bedside lamp may need to be bright enough to read by, but soft enough to create a relaxing atmosphere. Choose light globes that are warmer in colour for bedrooms or living spaces to create a soothing glow - especially if the aim is to turn off the overhead lighting and create a cosy space as you relax and unwind. Brighter-toned globes are ideal if you're using a lamp on a desk in the study, to ensure that the space is well-illuminated and you can see your work clearly.
  • Energy efficiency: With energy bills making more of a dent in the hip pocket than ever, opt for the most energy-efficient light bulb you can find. LED light globes top the list when it comes to energy savings, as well as being longer lasting. They're often brighter, too, so just make sure the globe is not going to be too bright for your space before making the purchase.

How tall should a bedside table lamp be?

When it comes to pairing your lighting to your bedside tables, you'll generally want to look for a lamp that's around 60 cm to 70 cm in height - particularly if you like to use the lamp to read in bed. No one wants light shining directly in their eyes! Likewise, if you have an especially low bedside table or bedhead, choose shorter lamps to keep the light shining where it needs to. A good home decorating rule of thumb is to opt for bedside lamps that are similar heights to your bedside tables, which will help to keep everything properly scaled and in proportion.

Where can I use table lamps in my home?

Not just limited to bedside tables, table lamps make great decorative additions to hall console tables, lamp tables, study desks and bookcases. Consider using a table lamp at the end of your dining table for a relaxed atmosphere at dinner time - or simply anywhere you'd like to accent with a splash of light!

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At Harris Scarfe, it's easy to find the perfect lighting solutions for your home. Style and coordinate your new lamps with our refreshing home decor range, including vases, candles, clocks and decorative ornaments. Checking out online with your decor purchases is easy, where you can choose the convenient options of either home delivery or 2-hour click & collect! Discover more inspiring ideas for your home with our informative Home Hub articles - and make sure you sign up to HS Friends as well, for exclusive membership benefits such as discounts and early access to sales events.