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While it is not necessary for a woman to wear a maternity bra or nursing bra during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, it can help with comfort levels, particular for women who have larger breasts. Given your breasts grow during pregnancy, you might find the level of support you're accustomed to is no longer sufficient. That's when maternity and nursing bras could be your saving grace.

Generally speaking, the major difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra is the maternity bra is worn during the months of pregnancy before the baby is born to accommodate the rapid changes in a woman's breasts. A nursing bra is worn once the baby is born to assist with the demands of breastfeeding.

Discover a Range of Maternity Bras for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

As part of Harris Scarfe's entire bras, underwear and lingerie range, maternity and nursing bras offer the following benefits:

  • Wirefree styles for comfort
    Many people believe that wired or underwire bras are a non-negotiable, especially when it comes to pregnancy, but the technology behind today's wireless bras mean they come with both comfort and support, even during the final days of pregnancy. It's worthwhile keeping an open mind and trying a wireless bra on for size.
  • Supportive maternity bras for security
    With all the things a new mum is juggling, you want to feel confident that your bra is giving you exactly what you need. Consider the differences between maternity, pregnancy and nursing bras to make sure you're getting the bra that meets your needs at different stages of your motherhood.

  • Convertible front clips to easily breastfeed
    Your little one will want to feed at times that may be inconvenient, so you want to make sure you have the nursing bras that accommodate discreet feeding regardless of where you might be. With convertible front clips (and the right top for easy access), you can feed your baby without making a scene.
  • Classic colours for everyday wear
    Being a mother shouldn't mean you're unfashionable. With the range of colours and styles available to meet the needs of mothers, wearing a maternity or nursing bra should feel just as good as any 'normal' bra.
  • Available in a range of sizes
    Size is a moot point when it comes to maternity bras. Every woman is different, and we have the sizes to meet you at every stage of your pregnancy, whatever size you may experience.

Great Value Maternity Bras from Your Favourite Brands

There are certain maternity bras that have become a favourite with Australian women, and for good reason. At Harris Scarfe, we stock the most popular brands that combine both comfort and fashion but come with generational reputation - from Triumph maternity bras and Triumph lace maternity bras to Bonds Bumps and Berlei maternity bras.

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