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Shop powerful barrel vacuums that make cleaning easy. Whether you prefer a bagless model or an upright vacuum cleaner, find barrel vacuums at Harris Scarfe.

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Make Cleaning A Breeze With Powerful Barrel Vacuum Cleaners

Shop barrel vacuums at Harris Scarfe and discover some of the best cleaning technology in Australia. Discover powerful barrel vacuum cleaners including Shark vacuum cleaners and Prinetti vacuum cleaners in the range. With features including generous dust tank capacities, telescoping tubes, HEPA filters and powerful suction up to 2400W, our barrel vacuums will make quick work of just about every household mess. Shop barrel vacuum cleaners online & in-store at Harris Scarfe to keep your home clean and dust-free with powerful cleaning technology today!

Barrel Vacuums FAQs

What is a barrel vacuum?

Barrel vacuum cleaners are also referred to as cylinder vacuums or canister vacuums. They're especially useful for cleaning larger household areas and are designed such that the main motor unit is pulled behind you as you work.

How to choose the best barrel vacuum cleaner

Barrel and upright vacuum cleaners are still the most popular vacuum types, thanks to their ability to thoroughly clean floors and carpets. But before you buy a barrel vacuum, here are some important factors to consider:

  • Capacity: Barrel vacuums generally have a dust tank capacity of between 2L and 5L. If you have a large home and don't want to empty the vacuum during use, a larger dust tank may work better for you.
  • Bag vs bagless: These days, most barrel vacuums are bagless. While bagless models can be a bit messy to empty, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of not having to buy vacuum bags can be compelling.
  • Ease of use & storage: If you live in a smaller home or apartment, you might decide to opt for a stick vacuum cleaner. Not only are these cordless designs more compact, but they'll also be more than adequate if you only have a small floor space to maintain.

Barrel vacuums vs stick vacuums

Both stick vacuum cleaners and barrel vacuum cleaners have their own benefits and advantages. Broadly speaking, stick vacuum cleaners have the advantage of a smaller and more compact design, whereas barrel vacuums offer generous dust tank capacities and more powerful motors. Consider how much floorspace you need to clean with your vacuum cleaner to help decide which is the best option for you. Explore these considerations and more with Harris Scarfe's informative ultimate vacuum buying guide to find the best cleaning appliances for your home.

Shop Quality Barrel Vacuums At Harris Scarfe

Discover sturdy and powerful barrel vacuum cleaners at Harris Scarfe, designed to make quick work of household dust and cleaning carpets. Choose from bagless models and upright designs, where you can find great features like specialised attachments, filters, strong motor power and more. Explore the complete range of vacuums and cleaning appliances at Harris Scarfe, including wet & dry robot vacuums, steam mops, stick vacuums and handheld vacuums. Shop the range online to enjoy the convenience of click & collect or home delivery for your order. Our Home Hub articles also have some great tips & tricks for cleaning and styling your home, with great topics like our top 4 must-have cleaning appliances. Sign up to HS Friends today to enjoy benefits like advance sales notifications and exclusive Friends prices on your next vacuum cleaner purchase.