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Whip up a storm in your kitchen with our knife blocks at Harris Scarfe. Shop knife blocks which includes quality knives and a stylish storage block.

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Stay Sharp In The Kitchen With Knife Sets & Knife Blocks

Whether you're cooking at home or in a commercial setting, the right knives are an essential part of every kitchen. A quality knife needs to be kept sharp and stored properly, and at Harris Scarfe, our collection of knife blocks will allow you to cut and chop food easily. Our knife blocks come in a range of materials and stylish designs, including wooden knife blocks and magnetic knife blocks. Each block comes with its own set of kitchen knives that are designed for superior hand grip and precision cutting. You can also find a selection of empty knife blocks to safely and conveniently keep your favourite knives to hand.

What Brands Of Knife Blocks Can I Find At Harris Scarfe?

At Harris Scarfe you can find kitchen knives and knife blocks made by some of the world's leading manufacturers. These include:

Knife Block & Kitchen Knives FAQs

What kitchen knives do I need?

Whether you're looking to increase your culinary skills or simply update your tired old kitchen knives, there are three essential types of knives you will always need: a chef's knife, a serrated knife and a paring knife. A great advantage to purchasing a knife block is that these basic types are included with your set, as well as additional knives or accessories for a range of specialised tasks.

How to clean a knife block

First of all, turn your wooden knife block upside down to remove crumbs or debris that may have settled into the knife slots. Hand wash the knife block in hot soapy water, rinse, and then sanitise with a quick soak in white vinegar. Turn the knife block upside down to drain and ensure that it's completely dry before reinserting the knives.

Cleaning a wooden knife block regularly - around once a month - is essential to prevent creating unhygienic conditions for your kitchen tools. Magnetic knife blocks require a little less maintenance and can simply be wiped down as needed.

How to sharpen kitchen knives?

Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is vital to ensuring easy and clean cuts when doing your meal prep. Choose from a whetstone or specialised knife sharpener for the job. You can find out more in Harris Scarfe's detailed guide on how to sharpen your kitchen knives, including the difference between sharpening and honing.

Shop Quality Kitchen Knife Block With Harris Scarfe Today

Whether you're starting out with a simple 5 piece knife block set or looking for a professional setup with 15+ pieces, it's easy to find the right kitchen knives with Harris Scarfe. Choose to shop online and in-store to find everything you need for your kitchen and dining needs. Discover more about types of kitchen knives with our informative guide, and be sure to check out the Food Hub for delectable recipes and a great range of culinary tips and tricks!